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Hi, All:

- This morning, I met with Bill Hohenstein (Director USDA Climate Change Program Office (CCPO), though, name plates there show Global Change Program Office), the other speaker at our Cluster session in Chapel Hill. CCPO is a coordinating office (of the 13 participating USDA agencies) for climate-related activities and represents USDA in the USGCRP. So, it's at a much higher organizational level than is LTAR and relatively more difficult to quickly see where potential collaborations lie.
- The CCPO has a monthly task force meeting, and Hohenstein invited me to present on ESIP capabilities at an upcoming meeting (possible Sep. 3), to enable both sides to better understand each other and see where the overlaps might be and, if so, whether there are not already ongoing activities (e.g., providing satellite-derived fire information to the U.S. Forest Service).
- This presentation will be similar to the one I'll do at the LTAR meeting, also probably in Sep. I'll need some help to put together such a presentation. :)
- Because the CCPO only does the coordination, any potential collaboration would be with one or more of the 13 agencies.
- Hohenstein asked if we could provide a list of past and ongoing agriculture-related efforts by ESIP members. I told him that an inventory of ESIP capabilities in this area is on our near-term to-do list, It'd be good to be able to show such an inventory at the upcoming CCPO meeting. So, if you could help compile this inventory, that'd be great. I know that Menas has a current project with one of the USDA agencies (NIFA?). I've two (one past, one ongoing), with FAS and WAOB.

Please let me know what you all think. Thanks!


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Hi, All:

Some updates:

- I met with Mark Walbridge (USDA presenter on LTAR) this past Friday. They're still focusing on setting up the LTAR research program, so not too much going on yet re: data management. There will be a data storage facility for LTAR at the National Agricultural Library (thus, the connection to Simon Liu, NAL Director, via Ann Bartuska, from the ESIP Winter 2013 Meeting). I commented to Mark that a focus on data should not follow too far behind that for the research program. (Actually, should be part of the research program,)
- Two areas of potential collaboration where ESIP might benefit LTAR: (1) providing (satellite) data for the LTAR sites and (2) providing technical expertise on data management (interoperability, etc).
- LTAR has a monthly meeting of its research committee. Mark invited me to give an overview on ESIP (~15 min). Next possible date is Sep. 16. Let's discuss more at our first telecon.
- I'll be meeting with Bill Hohenstein (USDA presenter on its Climate Change Program Office) this Friday (Aug. 9).
- I'll be out on vacation Aug. 12-20. I'm thinking of having our first telecon the last week of Aug. or first week of Sep. (more of you may be available for the latter) I'll send out a doodle poll for this.
- I added just a few items to our session notes (http://commons.esipfed.org/node/1506).
- Still having problem to upload the two presentations. Meanwhile, they're attached (pdf).
- Erin help created a new list for our cluster (esip-agclimate). Thanks! I'll work with her to import everyone's email.
- Cluster wiki page to come ...

Please send any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. Thanks!


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Hi, All:

Thanks again for participating in the subject Cluster session last week in Chapel Hill and getting the Cluster off to an encouraging start! My near-term plan (next ~3 weeks) is to meet and follow up with both of the USDA presenters at the session, and then to schedule a telecon for us to map out what we should do over the next 5+ months, targeting the Jan. 2014 ESIP Winter Meeting.

Thanks to Carol also for helping with the session, including the note-taking! I'll probably add a few things. But, the notes are there, in the ESIP Commons page for the session (http://commons.esipfed.org/node/1506). I did upload the two presentations, but I didn't see them there just now. Will look into that. I'll also work with Carol to set up a Cluster wiki page.

In the To: list, there is the email of Menas Kafatos of Chapman Univ. I'd talked with someone in his group at one of the lunches last week. Menas currently has a USDA-funded project on climate impacts on agriculture. So, it's great he'll be joining us. Welcome, Menas!



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