[Esip-agclimate] Some updates on our Cluster

Bill Teng william.l.teng at nasa.gov
Fri Dec 27 12:09:22 EST 2013

Hi, All:

I trust everyone is having a nice, relaxing week. Here are some updates:

- Reminder: We will NOT have a Cluster session at the January 2014 
meeting (See minutes from our Dec. telecon; 
- I've updated the Wiki with a few new items, derived from this month's 
AGU Meeting.
- I'll be on vacation Jan. 1-10; so, we will NOT have a Cluster telecon 
for January. After I get back, I'll start the planning for our 
prospective Cluster session at the Summer 2014 Meeting. Possible 
speakers still include Simon Liu (National Ag Library) and Mark 
Walbridge (LTAR). Brian Wee (NEON) mentioned at AGU that he'd talked 
with Ann Bartuska (Deputy Under Secretary for USDA's Research, 
Education, and Economics, REE) about the Cluster and that she'll be 
"reaching out" to us. I plan to contact her as well. She'd spoken at the 
Winter 2013 Meeting.
- Another possible speaker for July is The Climate Corporation (TCC) 
(http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Related_organizations). They do some 
interesting things (e.g., weather-related insurance). Coincidentally, 
Brian Wee also mentioned at AGU that he was going to meet with TCC that 
week (TCC is located in San Francisco).
- Mark Walbridge had mentioned that on their list is interoperability 
and sharing among the LTAR sites. So, I've been looking into existing 
resources that might be leveraged. Ramadda is one. CUAHSI's HydroShare 
is another. I'll be contacting both. Please let me know if you have 
other options?

I wish everyone a healthy and peaceful New Year!



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