[Esip-agclimate] Demo of updated concept map repository on Tuesday 2020-04-28 | 1500 hrs EDT

Brian Wee bwee at massiveconnections.com
Thu Apr 23 09:09:15 EDT 2020


This morning, I posted the announcement below to the #general and
#ag-climate Slack channels
<https://esip-all.slack.com/archives/C011BEXS694/p1587645574000400>.  In
case you have not joined the ESIP Slack channel yet, the announcement is
replicated below.  In advance of yesterday's (Wednesday, 2020-04-22)
Collaboration Area Highlights webinar, Bill Teng and I had requested a
GotoMeeting slot next Tuesday afternoon (3pm EDT) to present an updated
version of the presentation previously given at the ag and climate ESIP
monthly call on April 7
We announced this demo in a three-slide presentation
yesterday.  The demo session was organized in part to help manage our
(Bill, Arif, myself) numer of meetings with folks interested in finding out
more about the concept map experiment.

- Brian

*Short version:*
The ag and climate cluster will host an introductory webinar on a nascent
data-to-decisions experiment <https://tinyurl.com/cy2020-ag-climate> on
Tuesday 2020-04-28  |  1500 hrs EDT.  GotoMeeting details are listed
in the ESIP
meetings calendar

*What this is about:*
In the 2020 Collaboration Area Highlights webinar
the Ag and Climate Cluster <https://tinyurl.com/cy2020-ag-climate> outlined
a nascent experiment <https://tinyurl.com/cy2020-ag-climate> to capture the
knowledge of subject matter experts across science, technology, and policy
areas in the form of use-cases documented as concept maps.  The intent is
to build these use-cases on a common "backbone" of risk management
<https://cmapscloud.ihmc.us/viewer/cmap/1VNY4ZL1M-23RDTKF-1LZ> with a focus
on climate adaptation and mitigation against the impacts of extreme events.

Ultimately, we anticipate that these concept maps will be used
for communication, engagement, and (hopefully) machine-assisted
context-aware discovery of data, information, and knowledge.

If you are interested in topics like US policies relevant to large-scale
environmental change
<https://cmapscloud.ihmc.us/viewer/cmap/1VN24MGCK-DT6NTM-1L8>, modeling
tools used for characterizing the anticipated impacts of extreme weather in
light of adaptation challenges
<https://cmapscloud.ihmc.us/viewer/cmap/1VLLFMBLC-QCZQRQ-931>, or telling
the story of how a data product you developed is connected to resilience
the ag and climate cluster will host an introductory webinar on this
data-to-decisions experiment on Tuesday 2020-04-28  |  1500 hrs EDT
(click here
for the ESIP calendar entry
or here for the GotoMeeting URL <https://www.gotomeeting.com/join/534768669>

This webinar will be based on a presentation at our ag and climate telecon
on 2020-04-07 and updated with ideas from subsequent discussions
<http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/2020> to (hopefully) include the
skeletal structure of an in-development risk management use-case centered
on wildfires and flooding.  This new use-case is hung off the same risk
management backbone which is also used for an existing use-case on climate
adaptation for poultry agriculture in the Chesapeake watershed

(IMPORTANT QUALIFIER:  even though the use-cases are based on actual
real-world challenges, none of the use-cases are "complete" in this
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