[Esip-agclimate] Any interest in an "introdction to ontologies" tutorial on 2020-07-13 Monday (day before ESIP summer meeting)

Brian Wee bwee at massiveconnections.com
Tue Jun 9 11:06:23 EDT 2020


Working through the three USDA-relevant data-to-decisions use-cases
reinforced the need to straddle different disciplines and vocabularies.  To
further encourage us to adopt this type of "systems-approach" to
data-driven solutions, Bill and I are considering an invitation by two
ontology experts who have suggested a tutorial on ontologies, which would
be held on Monday, 2020-07-13, the day before the start of the ESIP Summer
Meeting. The tutorial will probably last about ½ day.  Objectives include:

   1. Help participants understand the value of developing robust
   descriptions of processes, and harmonizing variable names in code, models,
   data products, and publications; and
   2. See how concept maps can be used to help model knowledge in a way
   that is one step closer to an ontology.

The tutorial will probably comprise a short lecture, followed by a hands-on
session, organized as separate and independent, parallel break-outs.
We are trying to gauge interest in such a tutorial. It is hoped that it
could be offered free of charge.  If you think you might be interested in
attending (virtually) a tutorial like this, please let me or Bill know as
soon as possible.

Don't forget that there's an ESIP summer meeting session titled "Community
concept mapping for data-to-decisions – Use cases in climate adaptation,
disaster planning, and disaster response <https://sched.co/cIui>" (2pm -
3:30pm, and then 4pm - 5:30pm, easten time, 2020-07-14 Tuesday) organized
by our cluster.  Please extend an invitation to your colleagues to attend
our session as appropriate, even if you find yourself conflicted with
another parallel session at the same time.


- Brian
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