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Hello Ag & Climate cluster (ACC):

*In a nutshell:  *There will be an ACC call next Tuesday 2020-08-18 @ 1500
hrs eastern (see points #1 and #2 below) where we'd like to get your input
on an ACC Roadmap used to organize the topics for future talks this year
(see points #3 and #4 below).  We have an ACC logo (see my email signature

============ DETAILS ============

1.  *Next Tuesday's call.  *Next week's call is on Tuesday 2020-08-18 @
1500 hrs eastern.  The Gotomeeting URL is
The fully qualified meeting coordinates (with call-in numbers) is pasted
below if you need.  We shall be discussing two main items: (1) Recap of the
ACC 2020 Summer meeting session "Community Concept Mapping For
Data-to-Decisions- Use Cases In Climate Adaptation, Disaster Planning, and
Disaster Response", and (2) Review of a draft Roadmap for integrating
science, technology, and policy issues for ag-related issues that will be
used to guide the topics for our future calls into the end of 2020 (see
below, points #3 and #4).

2.  *Calendar of future calls.  *Bill and I have decided to organize
bi-monthly calls for the rest of the year.  Generally, we will meet the 1st
and 3rd Tuesday (1500 hrs eastern) of every month, except for November when
we meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.  We felt it necessary to double the
call frequency because we felt the scope of science, technology, and policy
issues that we hope to cover under the Roadmap (see below, points #3
and #4) cannot
adequately be covered by monthly meetings.  We also hope to eventually
adopt the summer meeting practice of breaking out into smaller groups to
solicit your input in these meetings through these more regular calls.

3.  *Roadmap: why.*  In talking with, and contributing to activities helmed
by other ESIP clusters, we can clearly see many more synergies that remain
unexploited.  The ACC Summer meeting session has also resulted in a number
of good suggestions for topics for discussion.  On one hand, our cluster
needs to continue pushing into technology topics (particularly related to
machine learning and natural language processing) that help transform data
into decisions.  On the other hand, we cannot examine these technologies
without understanding the complex landscape of real-world applied
problems.  Next Tuesday, we would like to get your feedback on a draft
Roadmap that defines the scope of these real-world applied problems.  The
Roadmap, essentially a conceptual framework (in the form of a concept map),
can be used to associate specific use-cases and technologies relevant to
those use-cases.

4.  *Roadmap: what.*  The proposed Roadmap will be based on climate-related
impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals 2, 13, and 15
 (includes: climate impacts, agriculture, forests, sustainability,
biodiversity, disaster risk management).  This includes impacts to
agriculture, as well as cascading downstream impacts thereof.  Topics
related to the Roadmap include:

   - Already work-in-progress, to be continued:
      - Wildfire prevention and response (including the deliberations by
      breakout group 2 at the ESIP summer meeting ACC session).
      - Aquatic nutrient pollution as an effect of changing hydrological
   - Initiated or proposed at the summer meeting:
      - Food security and national security.
      - Using long-term observational data to inform strategies that
      balance sustainable wind-energy solutions and biodiversity conservation
      goals (click here to read and comment on the G3Framework drafted by
      breakout group 3 at the ESIP summer meeting ACC session

5.  *ACC Logo.  *We have a cluster logo!  See my signature all the way at
the bottom.

============ DETAILS FOR UPCOMING ACC MEETINGS ============

*Schedule of 2020 Meetings *

   - 2020-08-18: 3rd Tuesday
   - 2020-09-01: 1st Tuesday
   - 2020-09-15: 3rd Tuesday
   - 2020-10-06: 1st Tuesday
   - 2020-10-20: 3rd Tuesday
   - *2020-11-10: 2nd Tuesday (NOTE: exception)*
   - *2020-11-24: 4th Tuesday (NOTE: exception)*
   - 2020-12-01: 1st Tuesday
   - 2020-12-15: 3rd Tuesday

*Gotomeeting coordinates*

   - Meeting link: https://www.gotomeeting.com/join/534768669
   - Or, dial in using your phone:
   - United States: +1 224-501-3412
   - Access code: 534-768-669
   - 3:00 pm Eastern
   - 2:00 pm Central
   - 1:00 pm Mountain
   - 12:00 pm Pacific
   - Meeting link: https://www.gotomeeting.com/join/534768669
   - Or, dial in using your phone:
   - United States: +1 224-501-3412
   - Access code: 534-768-669


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Washington, D.C.

Co-chair of the
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