[Esip-agclimate] Preview of upcoming activities for the Ag and Climate Cluster

Brian Wee bwee at massiveconnections.com
Mon Sep 28 13:44:11 EDT 2020

Hi Ag and Climate Cluster,

Bill Teng and I would like to obtain feedback on upcoming activities for
the next few months.  Remember that the ESIP #ag-climate Slack channel is
another way to share your thoughts.

1.  *Upcoming meeting next week on Tuesday 2020-10-06*.  At next week's
meeting, we will continue the manual semantic annotation of selected SDG
targets using an updated template based on your feedback from our last
cluster meeting.  If you missed the last meeting, we used the OBO Foundry
family of ontologies to manually parse selected SDG targets that relate to
cluster interests.  In addition to gaining awareness of the semantic
challenges for algorithmic information discovery, the semantic annotation
activity sets the stage for upcoming SDG-related talks and activities over
the next few months focused on the nexus of climate, USDA-relevant matters
(e.g. wildfire, agriculture), and informatics.  We'll send out a reminder
later for next Tuesday's meeting.  The meeting will be held on Zoom to
facilitate the use of breakout rooms.

2.  *Talk on Tuesday 2020-10-20 by Matthew Lange on the Internet of Food.*
Matthew Lange (University of California, Davis) is the PI for IC-FOODS
<https://www.ic-foods.org/>, an initiative "*to build the semantic platform
for the Internet of Food (IoF)*" using "*open and proprietary technologies
capable of supporting decision-making and automation, as well as
appropriate levels of traceability and transparency*".  Matthew's talk is
titled "*The emerging Semantic Web and Internet of Food: **New
technologies, opportunities, food supply vulnerabilities, and existential
threats to established ag/food hegemonies.*"  Mark will be giving his
presentation at our usual cluster meeting time at 3pm EASTERN.

3.  *Other talks later in the year.*  We are lining up other talks,
including: (a) deploying detection analytic for mitigating debris flow risk
resulting from wildfires using high-resolution imagery, (b) the cascading
impacts of climate change on natural resources, (c) using observation data
for SDG 11 ("Sustainable Cities and Communities"), (d) a brief overview of
US policy as it relates to evolving agricultural practices that are more
climate-resilient and data-driven.  Some of these topics are tentative, so
let us know what you think.


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