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Bill and I have drafted a session proposal for the ESIP 2021 winter meeting
The most important parts of the proposal are pasted below.  If you have
suggestions / edits / questions, please contribute directly to the session
proposal Google Doc
"suggesting" mode.  Please let us know your comments by this Friday
(2020-10-30) noon eastern time.  Thanks.

- Brian

Session Title

Carbon Management, Food, Agriculture, Human well-being:  Using informatics
to connect the climate action dots.

Session Description

***Overview***  The Biden plan for a “Clean Energy revolution and
environmental justice” includes the objective “decarbonizing the food and
agriculture sector, and leveraging agriculture to remove carbon dioxide
from the air and store it in the ground”.  This session will focus on
science, technology, applications, technology, and policy topics relevant
to both that objective and selected UN Sustainable Development Goals

***Details***  The Agriculture and Climate Cluster (ACC) has recently been
focused on science and technology topics that wrap around the
transdisciplinary pipeline connecting data to decisions.  The Cluster
recently organized a do-a-thon to semantically tag selected SDG targets,
and are planning further joint activities with the Research Data Alliance’s
SDG Interest Group (the RDA SDG IG).  The SDGs are a useful conceptual
vehicle to place in context activities borne out of a national climate
action plan.

In this session, three speakers will present a blend of science,
applications, technology, and policy topics relevant to the Biden plan
objectives and the SDGs.  The ACC will then present a network-graph
representation of how concepts from those three presentations
inter-relate.  The network-graph will be used as a basis to discuss
proposed 2021 activities co-helmed by the ACC and the RDA SDG IG.

Do you have any suggestions of potential plenary speakers in line with the
meeting theme of Leading Innovation in Earth Science Data Frontiers?

David Babson (
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