[Esip-agclimate] USDA federal register comment in response to Biden's executive order on climate action

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Tue Apr 27 10:04:44 EDT 2021


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"Carbon Management, Food, Agriculture, Human well-being:  Using informatics
to connect the climate action dots").

I'm writing to alert you to the opportunity to comment on an ACC response
to a USDA request-for-comments published on the US Federal Register
regarding USDA's implementation of President Biden's Executive Order on
climate action
Comments to the USDA are due this Thursday before 2359 hrs eastern on April
29.   I realize this is short notice: the federal notice had slipped past
my attention until late last week.

Bill Teng (CCed) (NASA Goddard) and I are the co-chairs of the ESIP ACC.
We drafted a response over the weekend, and you are invited to review and
comment on our response to the federal notice
<https://tinyurl.com/20210429rfcresponse>.  Our response addresses two
specific questions posed in the notice:

   - Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry Questions: "What data, tools,
   and research are needed for USDA to effectively carry out climate-smart
   agriculture and forestry strategies?"
   - Addressing Catastrophic Wildfire Questions: "What additional data,
   tools and research are needed for USDA to effectively reduce wildfire risk
   and manage Federal lands for carbon?"

Alternatively, if you would rather just speak to Bill and I, we will be on
Google Meet tomorrow (2021-04-28, Wednesday, 1400 hrs - 1430 hrs EASTERN)
to chat with anybody who wants to drop by regarding the ACC response.  The
Google Meet URL is: https://meet.google.com/ghz-sboa-hcw

Thanks for your time.


Brian Wee, Ph.D. <https://www.linkedin.com/in/weebrian>
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Washington, D.C.

Co-chair of the
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