[Esip-agclimate] Upcoming International Soil Carbon Network (ISCN) webinars

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Hi Agriculture and Climate Cluster (ACC):

Kathe Todd-Brown (chair of the Soil Ontologies and Informatics cluster) had
earlier emailed the announcement below about two soil C webinars to the ACC
listserv.  There was some sort of listserv error, so I'm resending the
webinar announcement on behalf of Kathe.

- Brian

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ISCN community,

We have two more webinars coming up on soil carbon sequestration in working
lands. We hope you can join us to hear from some of our esteemed colleagues.

*Emerging approaches for widespread soil C measurement. July 13, 3pm ET.*

In Webinar 2, Cristine Morgan (Soil Health Institute) and Jonathan
Sanderman (Woodwell Climate Research Center) will share their experiences
developing approaches to quantify soil carbon that could enable widespread
measurement and monitoring.

*Register here: *Measuring soil C: Emerging Approaches | AGU

*When does increased soil C storage yield net removal of greenhouse
gases? **Aug
17, 3pm ET. *

In Webinar 3 we will explore how practices that increase soil organic
carbon impact emissions of nitrous oxide and ask whether storing more
carbon is enough to offset nitrous oxide emissions. We will hear
perspectives from France by Claire Chenu (INRAE) and the U.S. Midwest by
Jane Johnson (USDA-ARS).

*Register here:* Soil carbon sequestration: Towards net GHG reduction | AGU

Warm regards,

Claire Phillips (USDA-ARS)

Dan Liptzin (Soil Health Institute)

Eric Slessarev (ISCN)

Jenny Soong (Granular)

Susan Crow (Univ of Hawaii)
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