[Esip-agclimate] ESIP meeting workshop Wednesday 2022-01-19 on "In-situ and remotely-sensed data integration for wildfire management"

Brian Wee bwee at massiveconnections.com
Tue Jan 18 10:56:13 EST 2022


If you are joining us for the ESIP January 2022 meeting this week, we hope
to see you at tomorrow's workshop "In-situ and remotely-sensed data
integration for wildfire management
at 0130 hrs EASTERN.

The high-level agenda for the workshop can be seen below, and a visual map
of the topics that will be discussed can be seen here
(warning: very large image, you will need to zoom in quite extensively):

   1. Preview and synthesis of session concepts (Brian Wee  |  Massive
   2. Stakeholder perspective: Keeping your eyes on the big picture (Genny
   Biggs  |  Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation)
   3. Stakeholder perspective: Challenges from the wildfire frontlines
   (Chief Dave Winnacker  |  Fire Chief at Moraga-Orinda Fire District)
   4. Technical solution perspective:  In-situ EnviroSensing: challenges
   and opportunities in the (wild)fire continuum (Scotty Strachan  |  Nevada
   EPSCoR  |  ESIP EnviroSensing Cluster)
   5. Technical solution perspective:  sUAS data use/reuse/repurpose for
   science and management (Andrea Thomer  |  University of Michigan  |  ESIP
   Drones Cluster)
   6. Technical solution perspective:  Wildland Fire Simulation and Data
   Assimilation using UAS data (Xiaolin Hu  |  Georgia State University)
   7. Technical solution perspective:  AI/ML for Wildfire: Limits and
   Opportunities (Ziheng Sun  |  George Mason University  |  ESIP Machine
   Learning Cluster)
   8. Breakout groups for (1) In-situ and remote data fusion, (2) UAS data
   ingest into models.
   9. Breakout groups present on (1) Barriers to implementation, (2) What
   is achievable in the short-term
   10. Synthesis and looking ahead

- Brian Wee and Bill Teng
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