[Esip-agclimate] Ag & Climate Cluster (ACC) hiatus

Teng, William L. (GSFC-610.2)[ADNET SYSTEMS INC] william.l.teng at nasa.gov
Mon Feb 7 13:45:00 EST 2022

Hi everyone:

Last Tuesday's (ACC) ESIP meeting focused on what's next for ESIP's various wildfire-related efforts by the clusters and on how the clusters could better collaborate and synergize. One idea discussed was to do this organizationally at one level above the clusters. This cross-cluster entity would not duplicate but leverage and complement the wildfires-related work of the clusters ongoing within their respective contexts and around their respective core interests. How we might do this prospective cross-cluster wildfires effort is a work-in-progress. At last week's meeting, many of the clusters of interest were present.

One ACC-specific announcement made at last Tuesday's meeting was that both Brian and I will be stepping back from co-chairing the ACC and that the ACC is going into a "temporary hiatus." Both of us will be separately embarking on new adventures and focusing on new endeavors. We both, however, expect and plan to maintain our connections to ESIP, in one way or another.

The ACC began in 2013. In the almost one decade since, we as a cluster have accomplished a lot, in the early years with Nancy Hoebelheinrich as co-chair and in more recent years with Brian as co-chair. Our wildfires-related work during these latter years are summarized in the ACC wiki<https://wiki.esipfed.org/Agriculture_and_Climate>. The ACC's history (provenance!) is summarized in this concept map that we'd shown at the ESIP SM21 Meeting:
and this one that contains more details for the earlier years:

As to what comes after the "temporary hiatus," there are two main options:

  *   One or more persons take over as ACC (co-) chair(s) and either continue from where the ACC is currently at or proceed with a new path or direction. ESIP staff could provide support and/or training, as needed.
  *   ACC could go into a more permanent hiatus status. ACC members interested in continuing their involvement with wildfires could do so in other ESIP spaces (e.g., Disaster Lifecycle, EnviroSensing, and Machine Learning Clusters).

Brian and I will host one more ACC monthly meeting, at the regular time (Tuesday, March 1st, 2 pm Eastern), for all who would like to help map this ACC transition--and transitions of ESIP clusters in general. NB: attending the March 1st meeting does not obligate anyone to do anything. 😀

Hope to see everyone on March 1st; thanks!


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