[ESIP-all] Last Chance for Next Version Earth Update!

Patricia Reiff reiff@ruf.rice.edu
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 11:27:10 -0600

I hope that all the federation members picked up copies of our "Earth 
Update" CD at the latest federation meeting.  We have material in the 
disk from many, but not all, of the federation members.  If you would 
like us to include a sample image or movie, and a link to your site 
"for more information", the time is now! I need to make a new disk 
image for the NSTA meeting, where we'll be giving out many to 
teachers (and I hope selling some!)

With the imminent end of our funding, the number of additional disks 
we'll be able to create in the future will be significantly limited, 
so send it in now!

Best wishes...