[ESIP-all] Iraqi Freshwater Marshes Opportunity

Carol Meyer carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Wed Jun 18 13:22:23 EDT 2003

Dick Wertz asked me to send the following to you.
Recently, a friend who has worked extensively with the government of
asked me if the ESIP Federation had any interest in the freshwater
in Southern Iraq.  As I understand the situation, these unique havens
sustained a diverse array of plant and animal life and a rich culture
centuries.  Over the last twenty years, the recently deposed government
Iraq has apparently systematically diverted water from the Tigris and
Euphrates Rivers for other purposes.  As a result, the southern
marshes have been greatly reduced in size and are being compromised by
saltwater that is flowing farther and farther up stream from the sea.
impact on the area's traditional residents has apparently been
My friend believes that there is a group in Kuwait that would like to
Iraq resolve its freshwater marshes problem as first step in improving
relations with its old adversary.  The thinking seems to be along the
of first initiating a valid scientific study of the problem and then
implementing a long-range development program aimed at reversing the
done over the last twenty years.
I request that you advise me ASAP if your ESIP has any interest in the
Freshwater Marshes problem and, if so, what data or data analyses
your ESIP could bring to a scientific study of the problem.  At this
I am not looking for concept papers so much as short description of what
Federation members or a group of Federation members could bring to the
table.  Rough cost estimates for work that would need to be undertaken
also be most helpful.  If there is an interest I will pursue the
with the appropriate figures in Kuwait.
Best regards,
Dick Wertz
Richard C. Wertz
Executive Director
Foundation for Earth Science
3985 Alcoa Drive
Fairfax, VA 22033
703-802-7364 (fax)
dick.wertz at earthsciencefoundation.org
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