[ESIP-all] ESIP Federation Air Domain discussion

Ben Domenico ben at unidata.ucar.edu
Sun Jun 29 14:42:23 EDT 2003

Hi all,

In order to get some discussion going in the ESIP Federation Air Domain, 
I've seeded the SWICKI discussion area with a few ideas I've developed from 
my experience and observation of the Unidata community.  As you will see, 
my background is somewhat narrowly focused in the area of technology 
infrastructure for real-time data and analysis tools for the atmospheric 
sciences research and education community.  Please keep this in mind as you 
read the information and ideas I placed there.  The idea is for the domain 
participants to build the SWICKI pages collaboratively and this is just 
intended as a starting point.

  The top level of the swiki is located at:


One short term objective is to develop a core poster for the Air Domain, so 
please keep that in mind as you contribute your materials and ideas.

The swiki is very easy to use.  You simply hit the edit button and position 
your cursor below the topic to which you are contributing.  It is helpful 
to date/initial your contribution so that others will know where it 
originated.  The swiki practice area gives you some ideas on special codes 
to use for certain attributes.  Again, hit the edit button to view the 
codes that were used.

If you visit the ESIP Domain Template link at:

, you will see some ideas that have been suggested as a starting point for 
developing  posters in the various domains.  The broad categories include: 
Defining the Central Questions for the Domain; Enumerating the Disciplines 
within the Domain; a Nugget (1 or more) that can highlight a success story 
of a member ESIP (or better, group of ESIPs that highlights the flow of 
data down the value chain); How the Domain Might address some of the 
National Applications and Potential Directions/Collaborative Activities for 
the Domain.  You should also take a look at the work that has been done in 
other domain areas (especially water) and within committees (especially 

If you have questions about the use of the SWIKI, please contact Carol 
Meyer: <carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org>

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