[ESIP-all] Follow Up to Last Week's Federation Meeting

Carol Meyer carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Mon Aug 4 14:30:57 EDT 2003

I wanted to thank all of you who contributed to the success of last
week's ESIP Federation meeting.  There was a lot interaction among
members and others, along with opportunities to interface with future
partners.  We've already received a lot of feedback on the meeting and
would encourage you to continue to share your thoughts.
For those of you who were unable to attend the meeting, here are the
results of the Federation elections held last Wednesday:
President:                                                         Dave
Jones, StormCenter Communications
Vice President:                                                  John
Townshend, University of Maryland
Chair, Constitution and Bylaws Committee:          Tom Yunck, JPL
            Committee Members:                             Bruce
Barkstrom (NASA LARC), Victor Zlotnicki (JPL), Saxon Holbrook
(University of Montana)
Chair, Finance and Appropriations Committee:     Michael Goodman, NASA
            Committee Members:                             Larry
Voorhees (ORNL), Steve Kempler (NASA GSFC), Chuck Hutchinson (University
of Arizona)
Chair, Partnership Committee:                            Bruce Caron,
New Media Studio  
            Committee Members:                             Menas Kafatos
(George Mason University), Ben Watkins (NCDC), Tom Burk (University of
Chair, Commercial Development Committee         Patricia Reiff, Rice
            Vice Chair                                             Hans
Huth, Veridian
Chair, Community Engagement Committee          Annette Schloss,
University of New Hampshire
            Vice Chair                                             Sue
Heinz, JPL
Chair, Education Committee                               Tamara Ledley,
            Vice Chair                                             Bob
Downs, Columbia University, SEDAC
Chair, Information Technology &
  Interoperability Committee                                Rob Raskin,
Vice Chair                                             Brian Wilson, JPL
Chair, Products and Services Committee             Howard Burrows, AUSI
            Vice Chair
ESIP Type I Representative                                 Larry
Voorhees, ORNL
ESIP Type II Representative                                Peter
Cornillon, University of Rhode Island
ESIP Type III Representative                               George
Seielstad, University of North Dakota
Thanks to all these members who have volunteered their time to serve the
Federation.  We expect a great year.
Carol B. Meyer
Assistant Director
Foundation for Earth Science
1-877-870-3747 (phone)
919-870-7141 (fax)
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