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A Request to the ESIP Federation members:

The Federation has been an instrumental partner in the development
efforts for NASA's evolution to the next generation of distributed
science data information systems.  Work conducted by several facets of
the Federation including the Interoperability Committee, the numerous
clusters (content-based search, DODS, ESTO, and others), and other
inter-ESIP collaborations have produced and evolved a rich landscape of
prototype systems for allowing greater access to distributed data
sources and services.  At this point it will serve the whole science
community to examine and articulate Federation lessons learned and
success stories coming from the variety of efforts engaged in building
the intellectual and physical infrastructure for distributed data

We are requesting at this time your help in transforming this experience
into presentation materials.  Our aim is to show to others not familiar
with the Federation and its work what the state of available data
systems for science use has been prior to and following on from the
creation of the ESIP Federation.

Key themes that will be useful to highlight include:

* The scope and extent of data and information networks fostered by
Federation activities (e.g. connecting users to data access portals that
did not exist prior to the Federation).
* The role of inter-ESIP cooperation in building data systems and tools
that are geographically distributed.
* Tools and services that allow greater interoperability of current or
future data systems and services.
* Management and oversight of distributed data systems where multiple
parties and institutions share responsibilities.

The preferred format for materials you wish to contribute to this effort
is MS Power Point-based slides with clear and specific examples
pertaining to the themes above.  Where appropriate or available graphics
that illustrate systems design or function will also help non-familiar
audiences the scope and importance of these efforts.  It is our
intention to share this information first across NASA's Office of Earth
Science and also to a broad community of interested parties who will
gain insight into the role the Federation has played in augmenting
NASA's data and information systems.

The Point of Contact for receiving these materials at NASA Headquarters
is Frank Lindsay  (voice +1 (202) 358-1757,  FAX   +1 (202) 358-2769,
Francis Lindsay flindsay at hq.nasa.gov)
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