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All -
	I want to add a footnote to Frank's request for input on his presentation
on the Federation.  In the past, we (the members of Federation) have not
done a very good job of collecting and presenting "impact metrics", yet
stories that relate the value of the wealth of Earth science data available
from remote sensing sources and the importance of the work of the members of
the Federation in the lives of real people often form the basis for public
policy decisions relating to the level of funding available for Earth
science data collection and research.  Frank's paper is aimed at filling an
immediate need for such impact metrics information and I urge you to take
the time to add your unique knowledge to his effort.  In the future, we will
set in motion a way of capturing this information as we go along rather than
at the last minute.  Thanks for your help.


										Dick Wertz

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Hello to all,

I have continued to work on a presentation for the Federation that
reveals what the group has contributed to current, and future, data
and information systems specific to Earth sciences.  I did receive a
number of additional charts for use in this presentation. Thanks for
the help.  What I believe would be helpful at this point is getting
feedback from the group on the structure of the presentation and how
I have/am assembling the examples provided.  The attached powerpoint
document contains the basic framework of the presentation and just a
few samples of the materials already sent in.

I begin the presentation with a very brief overview of the Federation
and the connection to data and information system developments.  I
follow on with a section where the examples you sent, (and may yet
send to me), fit.  This section has been organized using 4 topical
areas where the Federation can present the work that has gone on over
the years - we believe we can really show the benefits of the
Federation by telling a story for each of these topics.

It is my aim to allow people to self select where their contributes
fit into one or more of these areas.  Also, a number of you sent in
several slides that I am taking the liberty of consolidating into 1
or 2 to use in this section.  The impact will be made if we can well
demonstrate efforts that support these important facets of data
system development.

The final section was added so we are able to not just show what the
Federation has and continues to work on but also can say 'what are
the impacts', who is benefiting from these efforts', etc.

Thanks for your feedback and help on this important effort... the
more targeted materials are to the subjects we are discussing the
more powerful the take away message will be.



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