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Subject: Fwd: Landsat Request For Information (RFI) Released Yesterday
>To Those Interested in the Landsat Program:
>Yesterday NASA released a Request for Information (RFI) on the 
>Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM)  The RFI consists of a cover 
>letter, a draft solicitation, a draft instrument specification, a 
>draft statement of work, and several additional draft requirements 
>documents.  I have attached a copy of the cover letter and key 
>excerpts from that letter can be found below.
>All of the RFI documents can be found at the NASA Acquisition 
>Internet Service (NAIS) at web address
>The documents can also be found at the LDCM web site: 
>The Executive Office of the President approved the release of this 
>RFI following eight months of discussion with an interagency working 
>group.  The working group included representation from NASA, USGS, 
>NOAA, NGA, NRO, and the NPOESS Integrated Program Office.
>Please note the following:
>-  One of the options the Government is considering is to migrate 
>the Landsat measurements to the NPOESS as an operational 
>measurement.  This option would necessitate flying future Landsat 
>sensors in the 828Km-altitude orbit of the NPOESS satellites with a 
>17-day ground track repeat period.  This would be a change from the 
>705 Km, 16-day repeat period, orbit of Landsats 4, 5, and 7.
>- The instrument specification does not require thermal spectral 
>bands consistent with the LDCM Data Specification attached to the 
>earlier, cancelled data procurement request for proposals.
>-  This RFI explicitly solicits your comments (see excerpts below). 
>Comments are due by August 26 to:
>Patricia Dombrowski
>Contracting Officer
>e-mail:  Patricia.M.Dombrowski at nasa.gov
>Fax:  (301) 286-0383
>Please allow me to encourage your comments and response.  This RFI 
>represents the first opportunity to inform and receive feedback from 
>the Landsat data user community, as well as industry, in many 
>months.  Your response to the options and strategies described in 
>the RFI are critical to the future of the Landsat program.
>Please forgive me if you receive multiple copies of this e-mail.  I 
>am using several e-mail address lists for the sake of expediency and 
>I know the lists overlap.  Also, please share this message with any 
>and all of your colleagues working with Landsat data.
>Jim Irons
>LDCM Project Scientist
>NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
>RFI excerpts follow:
>*  Although a final decision on continuity options has not been 
>made, one of the options the Government is considering as a 
>long-term solution to ensuring Landsat data continuity is to migrate 
>the Landsat measurement to the National Polar-orbiting Operational 
>Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) as an operational 
>measurement.  This would necessitate the measurement to be migrated 
>to an 828km mid-morning orbit, with the earliest launch predicted 
>with a Landsat imager to be at the end of calendar year 2009.
>*  The government may also consider an earlier stand-alone mission 
>to minimize any risk to Landsat data continuity.
>*  Taking these factors into consideration, NASA is hereby 
>soliciting innovative approaches for development and incorporation 
>of a new Operational Land Imager (which the government has currently 
>labeled OLI) for the NPOESS in the event the government decides to 
>procure OLI instrument(s) for flight on NPOESS.
>*   NASA is also soliciting inventive approaches for a potential 
>stand-alone mission solution to minimize risk to Landsat data 
>*  The government is also interested in potential source's 
>perspectives on the benefits of, or alternatives to, utilization of 
>the Advanced Landsat Imager (ALI) technology developed by NASA/GSFC 
>for Earth Observer-1 mission recognizing the timeliness requirements 
>associated with this mission.
>*  Data specifications describing characteristics of Landsat data, a 
>potential OLI specification and a potential Statement of Work (SOW) 
>are attached for reference purposes only.
>*   NASA welcomes comments on the information in this call including 
>attached documentation.
>*  If NASA proceeds with a solicitation for either or both 
>solutions, there may not be a draft RFP release and this will be the 
>only opportunity to comment on the documentation listed above
>*  All other inquires shall be submitted no later than 8/26/04 to 
>the same point of contact.  Please reference Solicitation Number 
>NNG04064128L in any response.
>Point of Contact
>	Name:	Patricia Dombrowski
>	Title:	Contracting Officer
>	Phone:	(301) 286-0621
>	Fax:	(301) 286-0383
>	e-mail:	Patricia.M.Dombrowski at nasa.gov
>Jim Irons                                  TEL: (301) 614-6657
>Code 923 / Biospheric Sciences Branch      FAX: (301) 614-6695
>NASA Goddard Space Flight Center           email:
jim at ltpmail.gsfc.nasa.gov
>Greenbelt, MD  20771



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