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Please see the attached & provide your comments to Richard Ullman, NASA ESWG
(Richard.E.Ullman at nasa.gov)


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You may have already received this message from Rich Ullman.  If not, 
please forward the basic content to the ESIP Federation so they may have an 
opportunity to comment on OPeNDAP.


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>NASA's  Earth Science Data Systems Working Group is looking for comments/ 
>experiences/ lessons learned with respect to implementation of the DAP 
>data transport standard.  Please respond before next Friday.
>-Rich Ullman
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>From: Richard Ullman <ese-rfc-004 at spg.gsfc.nasa.gov>
>Subject: RFC: NASA Earth Science Data Systems Standards
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>NASA Data Systems Stakeholders:
>Data systems standards are a central enabling component of NASA's
>strategy for the Earth science data systems.  The Earth Science Data
>Systems Working Group for Standards is charged with directing the
>adoption of data systems standards that will enhance interoperation of
>Earth science data systems within the agency and with partnering
>organizations.  We do this through open review of standards submitted by
>community stakeholders for endorsement by NASA. It is absolutely
>essential that members of communities that may be impacted by proposed
>standards provide input in this process.
>We are seeking your review of DAP, a data access protocol used in
>OPeNDAP and DODS data systems, proposed as a community standard endorsed 
>for use by NASA data systems.  The Standards Process Group (SPG) has
>that this proposal is relevant to Earth science data and there is
>indication of community support especially in, but certainly not limited
>to, ocean sciences. James Gallagher, Nathan Potter, Tom Sgouros, Steve
>Hankin, and Glenn Flierl, from Peter Cornillon's DODS/OPeNDAP group,
>have provided a "Request for Comments" documenting the DAP 2.0
>specification (see link below).
>The scope of the present review is experience with implementation.  If
>you have experience in implementing or installing a DAP server or
>client we'd like to hear from you.  If you have tried to implement or
>install a DAP server or client but abandoned the effort for whatever
>reason, we'd like to hear about that experience as well.  We'd also like
>to hear from those with experiences with similar systems about the
>appropriateness of the proposed specification. The attached word
>document provides guidance.
>   The DAP 2.0 Proposal (ESE-RFC-004) http://spg.gsfc.nasa.gov/rfc/004/
>   About the Standards Process:
>      overview:  http://spg.gsfc.nasa.gov/About/
>      charter:  http://spg.gsfc.nasa.gov/rfc/001/
>      process details: http://spg.gsfc.nasa.gov/rfc/002/
>Comments should be sent before November 12th to
>   mailto:ese-rfc-004 at spg.gsfc.nasa.gov
>Thank you,
>Richard Ullman
>  ~ for the ESE-RFC-004 Technical Working Group (TWG)
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>Goddard Space Flight Center
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