[ESIP-all] OPeNDAP Client-Side Tutorial

Peter Cornillon pcornillon at gso.uri.edu
Wed May 25 01:34:13 EDT 2005

Hi All,

On Monday 13 June, prior to this year's Summer Federation meeting, 
there will be a set of technical presentations related to Earth Science 
data issues. In the past representatives from OPeNDAP have made 
presentations at these technical meetings related to data access, with 
particular attention being devoted to server side issues. This year we 
are considering a presentation that would focus on the client side. 
Specifically, we envision a presentation in which we would search for 
OPeNDAP-accessible data on the network,  explore the data found and 
then develop a script for an analysis package that would access and 
process the data. The emphasis in the presentation would be on the 
first two steps; i.e., on demonstrating the tools that one can use to 
find and learn about OPeNDAP data. We would show discovery of data 
using a search engine - grokker - as well as the GCMD. Once found, 
sites containing the data would be navigated using the OPeNDAP 
directory traversal function and a preliminary look at data held at the 
site would be made with a common web browser and with the OPeNDAP Data 
Connector. These are steps that the individual interested in acquiring 
data on the network might follow regardless of the analysis package 
used to access the data but that we have not presented in the past. The 
presentation would involve on-line accesses at all steps and those also 
connected to the network could follow along or make their own 

We would like to know whether or not it is worth the effort to put such 
a presentation together. Specifically, if you would attend such a 
presentation were it to be offered, please send an e-mail to Peter 
Cornillon (pcornillon at gso.uri.edu) by C.O.B. 6 June. We will get back 
to you by C.O.B. 7 June letting you know whether or not there is 
sufficient interest to justify the session. Also, if you are 
interested, please feel free to let us know what you would like us to 
focus on - data types, analysis packages, data discovery, etc.


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