[ESIP-all] Disaster Applications Session in San Diego

Dave Jones dave at stormcenter.com
Fri Jun 10 11:25:04 EDT 2005

Dear ESIP Members (Especially those attending the meeting next week),

During the meeting next week we will be having a focus on disasters
(Applications Breakout #3) on June 14 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm entitled
Disaster Management. I encourage any of you who have any connection to
natural and/or man-made hazard applications, data or thoughts to attend.
This should be a very informative and thought provoking session just coming
off dinner so I will make sure I bring along with me loud noises and some
disaster footage to keep you awake and ready to roll.

Food for Thought

In preparation for this session I would like you to come prepared to deliver
to me a PowerPoint slide or two (or more) identifying your involvement in
natural or man-made hazard information with regards to prediction,
production, dissemination or post-analysis so I can get my arms around
specific data types and applications that can be used to support
decision-makers. Some of this information could make its way into exciting
applications that get delivered directly to Emergency Managers via the
Internet, mobile technology, satellite and broadcasting.

I would like this session to deliver real information, have frank
discussions (not discussions about Frank) and real involvement from you as a
participant. Let's make this a very productive 1.5 hours so we can
ultimately deliver focused presentations about the capabilities of
Federation partners to address issues of potential disasters or respond
quickly in a post-disaster situation.

I look forward to your participation. Please send me an e-mail in response
if you plan to attend. I want to make sure we have a room of adequate size
to support your participation or we can just sit around the pool with a
screen and projector and talk tsunamis.


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From: Carol B. Meyer [mailto:carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org]
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 8:44 PM
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Subject: [ESIP-all] Federation Annual Election_Call for Nominations
Importance: High

As you know, the Federation's annual election is upon us.  Many of the
offices have nominees but we would like to see a full slate of officers and
Administrative Committee members to put before the Assembly.  Please check
out the attached list and nominate anyone you feel would make a lasting
contribution to the Federation.  The current nominees are listed.  A name
associated with an office does not preclude others from running for that
same position.  The deadline for nominations has been extended to 6 pm
(EDT), Wednesday, June 8.  Please see the earlier message below for
eligibility criteria and other relevant information.

We will send an email to all voting reps on Thursday, opening the electronic
poll for this election.  The polls will stay open through noon (PDT) on June

If you have questions, please contact me at 877.870.3747.


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Subject: [ESIP-all] Federation Annual Election_Call for Nominations
Importance: High

During the summer meeting, the Federation holds its annual election for all
officers, committee chairs and ESIP Type Representatives.  Each office,
chair and Type Rep has a seat on the Federation's Executive Committee.  All
new positions take effect at the end of the June 2005 meeting and run
through the next summer meeting (an approximate one-year term).

In order to streamline this process, the Constitution and Bylaws Committee
has opened the nomination process.  All offices require that the candidate
be nominated and seconded by a member of the Assembly.  Only voting members
can serve as President, Vice President and the chair of the Constitution and
Bylaws, Finance and Appropriations and Partnership Committees.  Other
Committees can be chaired by either voting or non-voting members, as can the
elected member positions within the Administrative Committees.  In all
cases, the nominee must give his/her consent before being nominated so as to
prevent election of individuals who are unable to fulfill the requirements
of any position.  This message, however, is being sent to the broader
community (non-voting reps and voting reps) so that anyone who desires to
run for an office is informed of the process.

To nominate someone, send an email to me (
carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
<mailto:carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org> ) and provide the nominee's
name, the position for which he/she is being nominated and cc the person
being nominated, who then should confirm that he/she is willing to serve, if
elected.  The nominations window will be open for 2 weeks, closing on
Monday, June 6, 2005 at 6 pm EDT.

It is our intent to conduct an electronic election for all offices, allowing
voting by meeting attendees and those unable to travel to San Diego.  All
candidates are invited to submit a written statement on his/her candidacy
that will be posted in the electronic voting system.  Election results will
be announced at the Federation Business Meeting on June 15.  If you have any
questions or require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Carol Meyer

Carol B. Meyer
Deputy Executive Director
Foundation for Earth Science
1-877-870-3747 (phone)
919-870-7141 (fax)

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