[ESIP-all] ESIP Federation Web Services Cluster - An Invitation to Telecon

Brian D. Wilson brian.d.wilson at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Aug 18 19:21:53 EDT 2005

To the Federation,

It's time to start up periodic telecons for the newly formed Web Services
Cluster within the ESIP Federation.  The first telecon will occur on Monday,
August 22, at 11 AM PST (2 PM EST).  The meeting can be accessed
as follows:

866-325-0587 (Toll-free North America)
2053540145 (International)

You can join the Cluster by participating in the telecon or by sending me
an email.

The agenda for the August 22 telecon is:

(1) Discuss the charter for the Cluster and the interests of the participants.

(2) Identify some Service Chains within the Federation that we can assemble
and *demonstrate* at the next Federation meeting in Jan. 2006.  This probably
involves two steps:
   (a) Identify data sets or services that we need to "chain" together to 
         a collaborative scientific or decision support goal.
   (b) Actually assemble some service chains, potentially involving OpenDAP 
         OGC WMS/WCS services, ECHO services, and/or custom XML/SOAP services
         available from ESIP's.

(3) Discuss how the Cluster and the Federation can contribute to the Web 
Roadmap being developed by the Technology Infusion Working Group (TIWG).
We should contribute both ideas to the Roadmap and demonstrations that support
statements about what is possible in the near term.

(4) Discuss how to best accumulate a Federation services registry, so we 
can all
advertise and discover the available services.

We won't fully cover all of these items in a single telecon, so we'll 
continue to
discuss these topics, and your suggested topics, in later telecons.

If you can't make the August 22 telecon, the next one will be on Monday,
September 12.  After that, we will probably meet every 2 weeks (rather than 
monthly) until we have viable service chain demos for the Federation meeting.

We need your participation to demonstrate as many valuable service chains as
possible.  So please, advertise your services, join the Cluster, discover some
collaborators, and start chainin'.

  -- Brian

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