[ESIP-all] ECHO Training - Call for Interest

Carol B. Meyer carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Sun Aug 21 21:40:30 EDT 2005

Robin Pfister of NASA ECHO is interested in gauging Federation member
interest in ECHO training in conjunction with the January 4-6 Federation
meeting.  She would like to know the following:

1. yes
2. no

1.  a FULL day on Jan 3rd (Tuesday)
2. a HALF day on January 3rd (say Tuesday afternoon, maybe a couple 
of hours in the evening?)
And/ or
3. some on Friday afternoon Jan 6th

OPTIONS FOR TOPICS (not all topics will be covered)
1. Intro to ECHO
2. Overview training for Data Providers (for folks who have data 
resources to share with the community)
3. Overview training for Client Providers (for folks who want to 
build a specialized client (i.e., a focused view (like science 
discipline, education, or focused utility) for end users, OR machine 
clients such as modeling systems, decision support systems, other 
applications driven with no end user involved)
4. Overview training for Service Providers (folks who have a service 
that can either be just an advertisement of their service on the web 
(like, I'll fly your instrument on my plane anywhere in Kansas), OR 
an on-line service that can be invoked and operated in an automated 
way over the network (subsetting, reprojection, write to media and 
distribute your on-line data to users on media for you, etc).
5. Or even something not specific to ECHO, like....
All about Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures and what it 
means to the Earth Science Community.
6. If you want to pick one topic line (e.g. Services and how to be an 
ECHO Service Provider) and devote all the training to just that, we 
can have a series of Service related training including a hands-on 
session where service providers sit at a computer and start entering 
their services into the system.

PLEASE let Robin Pfister (robin.g.pfister at nasa.gov) know:
1. if you're interested in any type of training,
2. AND if so, which of the above you'd be interested in,
3. what day/time to schedule this training.

Send Robin your response by September 6, 2005.

If you have questions, please contact Robin directly at the email given
above or at 301-614-5171.


Carol B. Meyer
Deputy Executive Director
Foundation for Earth Science
877.870.3747 (toll-free)
919.870.7141 (fax)

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