[ESIP-all] Application Cluster Participation -- Please Respond

Tom Yunck tpy at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 2 13:20:46 EDT 2005

Dear Federation Colleagues,

Dick Wertz covered it well in his letter of Aug 29:  We want to move 
quickly to realize the potential of the Earth Information Exchange 
(i.e., the Federation portal).  Our central approach, as articulated 
by Dick, is to form Clusters around the NASA and GEOSS societal 
benefit areas in which Federation members are currently most active 
and prominent, eventually extending to all --- of those areas.  The 
Clusters will correspond to issue area channels of the portal, which 
they will take the lead in shaping.  We've made an excellent start 
with the Air Quality Cluster (under Rudy Husar and Stefan Falke) and 
are proceeding with several others, including Coastal Management, 
Disaster Management, Public Health and Climate/Carbon Management.

As we did last fall, we'd like to assess your interest and solicit 
your participation in these pivotal activities.  Specifically, we'd 
like to know (1) if you can to become active in one or more of the 
new issue area Clusters, and (2) if you would be willing to assume a 
leadership position in one of the Clusters and help guide it to 
fruition:  interacting with the membership, the relevant government 
agencies, the modelers, the decision-makers, etc.  The Cluster Chairs 
will also serve as "Channel Stewards" for the EIE portal, taking the 
lead in shaping portal content.  (Note:  If we succeed in our current 
attempts to win additional funding for the Federation's portal and 
decision support activities, those funds will be available to support 
the Cluster leaders and the work of the Clusters.)

Below is a list of the NASA applications of national priority and, 
where distinct, the GEOSS societal benefit areas.  Please take a 
minute to reply to this email and place an X by the area(s) below in 
which you would like to participate, and please indicate whether you 
would be willing to lead or co-lead a Cluster.  Feel free to add any 
comments or suggestions.  We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

   1.   ___ YES!  I am willing to lead or co-lead an application Cluster.

   2.   I would like to participate in the following Cluster(s)
___ Agricultural Efficiency
___ Air Quality Management
___ Aviation
___ Carbon Management
___ Coastal Management
___ Disaster Management
___ Ecological Forecasting
___ Energy Preservation
___ Homeland Security
___ Invasive Species
___ Public Health
___ Water Management
___ Climate Variability and Change
___ Oceans
___ Weather Forecasting

Please reply directly to me and cc Dick and Carol at:

dick.wertz at earthsciencefoundation.org
carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org

Many thanks for your time, attention, and interest.

T. P. Yunck                 Ph: 818-354-3369
JPL, M/S 306-416            Fax: 818-393-6285
4800 Oak Grove Drive        e-mail: tpy at jpl.nasa.gov
Pasadena, CA  91109
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