[ESIP-all] Measuring Vegetation Health is on-line!

John Pickle jpickle at mos.org
Fri Dec 9 11:32:54 EST 2005

Dear ESIP Colleague,

The NASA-funded project, "Measuring Vegetation Health: Using Light to 
Look at Our World" has a web presence!


We are working to create a website that functions in a similar manner as 
a museum: visitors may select their pathways to explore the science and 
technology of light, the science of plants, and the science, technology, 
and human implications of environmental monitoring.  For teacher use, we 
will create suggested pathways to use the materials based on topic and 
grade.  The website will evolve considerably over time, and we would 
value your suggestions, ideas, connections, and resources to help us 
meet our goals.

If you have data bases and/or research or outreach efforts you feel 
relate to our project, such as maps/images of vegetation indices, air 
quality, soil moisture, invasive species, agricultural maps, soil maps, 
etc., please send us an e-mail or talk with us during the January ESIP 

Please share the offer in which our project will host images of those 
who install PicturePosts in their backyards, schools, community centers, 
parks, and science centers (http://mvh.sr.unh.edu/announcements.htm and 
http://picturepost.smugmug.com/).  As the network of ground-level 
pictures expands, we will be able to see and study the dynamic response 
of local ecosystems over time.

I would like to talk with anyone who feels their research could use 
"repeat" photographs from the ground, possibly as a ground truth method 
or as an outreach aid to help users understand what they are looking at 
with satellite imagery. 

Looking forward to catching up with people in January.



John Pickle
Program Manager for Global Systems Science
Museum of Science
Science Park
Boston, MA  02114-1099
(617) 589-0436 (voice)
(617) 589-0479 (fax)
jpickle at mos.org

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