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Dave Jones dave at stormcenter.com
Tue Feb 21 13:34:41 EST 2006

StormCenter is now serving more than 10 web sites for TV stations around
the nation focusing on Earth and Environmental Science. One of the
sections we have is a Calendar of Events that people can turn to for
exciting happenings. If you have information on environmental or earth
science related activities that kids, people, teachers and TV
meteorologists can mention on-air please send them our way and we can
post them in the appropriate market's site or post them on ALL sites for
wider exposure.
They should be events that allow people to experience science and the
environment like visit an open house, do an experiment, observe
something or participate in an activity such as a river clean-up,
planting of grasses, attending invasive species workshop or scuba diving
to the Titanic:(well maybe not that one). We really want to kick it up a
notch with regard to letting people know, though our EnvirocastR Web/TV
sites that there are lots of things to do in various communities across
the nation to build interest in environmental and earth sciences.
Currently we are serving the following markets:
Washington, DC
Minneapolis, MN
Charlotte, NC
Tampa, FL
Montgomery, AL
Mobile, AL
New Orleans (soon to launch)
Dallas, TX (soon to launch)
Reno, NV (soon to launch)
Baltimore, MD (soon to launch)
Austin, TX
Columbus, OH (launch plan for Oct 2006 or sooner)
Birmingham, AL (soon to launch)
Others to come on-line in 2006
Please send your items to Shawna at stormcenter.com
Dave Jones
Founder, President & CEO

6021 University Blvd., Suite 140 │ Ellicott City, MD 21043 │ P.
410-203-1316 │ F. 410-203-9341
President, Foundation for Earth Science
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