[ESIP-all] Experts Needed for Media Contacts

Dave Jones dave at stormcenter.com
Thu Feb 23 09:58:37 EST 2006

StormCenter Communications, Inc is a private company that works with the
media to provide accurate, science-based, relevant and timely content on the
environment and related events. As part of a project to develop a more
effective pipeline to local news stations, StormCenter is looking for
nationally recognized experts with excellent communication skills that are
willing and able to speak to media if they call. StormCenter is particularly
interested in recommending those that can address science on the forefront
and its relationship to everyday life with regard to the following topics:
hurricanes, storm surge and flooding, tsunamis, coastal erosion, harmful
algal blooms, pollution and oil spills, dangerous marine life and climate
change. If you or your colleagues are interested in being listed as an
expert please send a phone and email contact and your area of expertise to
Dr. Ellen Prager at ellen at stormcenter.com.

Thanks for spreading this around, we are developing training materials for
broadcasters on the topics identified above and will make this contact list
a part of our materials.



Dave Jones
President & CEO
StormCenter Communications, Inc.
6021 University Blvd., Suite 140
Ellicott City, MD 21043
410.203.1316 p
410.203.9341 f
e-mail: dave at stormcenter.com
web: stormcenter.com

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Subject: [ESIP-all] Geoinformatics 2006 Conference

You are invited to participate in the upcoming GEOINFORMATICS 2006
Conference to be held at the U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA. from May
10-12, 2006.  The meeting provides a forum for presentation of research data
and models that deal with the broad theme of cyberinfrastructure for earth
and planetary sciences. We encourage researchers in earth and planetary
sciences, as well as information technology and computer sciences to share
new theories and applications that emphasize management, discovery and
semantic integration of data resources, as well as development of tools and
software to facilitate visualization, modeling and new computational
techniques. Please visit http://www.geongrid.org/geoinformatics2006 for
registration, abstract submission and lodging information.

This conference is hosted by U.S.Geological Survey and GEON (NSF), and
sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF), National Aeronautics and
Space Administration (NASA), Geological Society of America (GSA), and
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).

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