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Karen.Moe@gsfc.nasa.gov Karen.Moe at gsfc.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 3 18:39:17 EST 2006

The NASA Earth Science Data Systems Working Group on Technology 
Infusion (TIWG) is collaborating with the ESIP Federation Web 
Services Cluster to present a demonstration of web service chaining 
technology at the July 2006 ESIP Federation meeting in NY.

You can follow the activity at the Federation wiki:


or you can participate directly by registering your software services 
and incorporating them into the demonstration scenario. The next Web 
Services Cluster telecon will be lead by Brian Wilson to discuss how 
to get your project / software incorporated into the demo.

Monday, March 6, at 12 noon (EST), 9 AM (PST).

866-325-0587 (Toll-free North America)
2053540145 (International)

The TIWG holds monthly telecons on the 3rd Thursdays at 4pm (EST), 1pm (PST)
888-677-7890 Passcode: 82333

The TIWG will discuss the technology infusion goals, lessons learned, 
and how to share these findings with the community at large. Your 
participation in this web services tech infusion "prototype" is most 

Karen Moe

Follow are the plans as set at the January 2006 ESIP Federation meeting.

ESIP Federation Summer Meeting - Web Services Demonstration

Registering services in the ECHO testbed
	Goal: get more PI's involved to identify and register in ECHO 
testbed (WSDL, associated data)
Discover multiple instances of the same service (functional equivalence)
	Examples: How many reprojection services exist? Reformatting, 
format translators, subsetters?
	Note difference between human discovery vs machine-level 
discovery for automated flow
Discover data set + discover services which operate on that data set 
+ execute service
Show integration of services from multiple providers
Demonstrate a variety of workflow options (scripting, workflow engines)

Test Scenarios
Tutorial -  for scientists to show benefits of web services
1.	Optional demo - show what services currently exist in ECHO registry
2.	Space time query to get list of granules - automatically 
order the granules - result is list of on line URLs
3.	Integration (web service chaining) of up to 3 different 
services (from Rudy, Brian, Liping) showing cross system connectivity 
(eg, space/time query, reprojection, subsetting, ... ). Show script 
(basic description) of service chain.
4.	Optional demo - show service chain through different workflow tools
5.	Science scenarios - Example: drought analysis using 
historical end current data for vegetation to identify drought 

Demo Venue
ESIP Federation main session - demos with short description of 
scenario/benefit of web services
	Examples: automatically fulfill space/time query requests (demo 1)
	science scenario to demo value
[Note: GCMD SERF and ECHO UDDI are working on interoperability linkage]
Technical session - follow up demos with flow diagrams that describe 
the processes that allowed the demo to work

Karen L. Moe   email:  Karen.L.Moe at nasa.gov
Earth-Sun System Technology Office  http://esto.nasa.gov
NASA/GSFC MS Code 407   phone:  (301) 286-2978
Greenbelt, MD  20771      FAX:  (301) 286-2756
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