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I am writing to invite your participation in the 2006 CLASS Users' 
Workshop - set for August 7 and 8, 2006.  CLASS is the Comprehensive 
Large Array-data Stewardship System, designed to provide long-term 
archive and access to NOAA's satellite data, plus other satellite data 
holdings NOAA has responsibility for. Below is a listing of the current 
agenda. The venue is located in the NIST Auditorium located at 325 
Broadway, Boulder, Colorado.  The workshop web site is at 
http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/dmsp/2nd_class_workshop/class.html.  We will be

adding a section to the web site to post questions and suggestions for 
CLASS, which will be reviewed at the workshop.  Please send your 
questions and suggestions to me.

The First CLASS Users' Workshop was held in August of 2005 at NCAR in 
Boulder. The workshop was well attended and had representatives from all

the major scientific disciplines expected to be using data from CLASS. 
There was wide agreement from the participants that CLASS needed to 
incorporate API's to facilitate large volume data extractions. It was 
clear that the scientific community would like to work with NOAA to 
review and discuss data discovery tools, metadata, and data formats 

The purpose of the 2006 workshop is to provide: 1) an update on the 
developments and planning within CLASS, 2) review and discussion of the 
NRC panel report on NOAA data archiving, 3) reports from CLASS 
developers and planners, and 4) development of user recommendations on 
data format, granule, and metadata options for NPP data.

If you are interested in registering for the workshop, please contact 
Janet Brown at noaa.gov. We anticipate a registration fee of approximately 
$100.  Online registration should be open later this month. A block of 
rooms is being held for workshop participants at the Boulder Inn 
(1-800-233-8469) at a rate of $89 per night (mention the CLASS 
worskhop).  This hotel is within walking distance of the NIST building. 
 In addition, the hotel can provide shuttle service to and from the NIST

building.  Please distribute this announcement to others who you think 
may be interested in attending.

Thank you and we hope you can join us August 7 and 8.

Chris Elvidge

Christopher D. Elvidge, Ph.D.
Earth Observation Group
NOAA-NESDIS National Geophysical Data Center E/GC2
325 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado 80305 USA
Tel. 1-303-497-6121
Fax. 1-303-497-6513
Email: chris.elvidge at noaa.gov

August 7, 2006

*   8:00 : Check in - badge up - continental breakfast
*   9:00 : Objectives and review of first workshop (Chris Elvidge, NGDC)
*   9:50 : Update on the NGDC CLASS node (John Kinsfather, NGDC)
*   10:00 : Break
*   10:20 : Archive Requirements Working Group activities (TBD)
*   11:00 : Review of the NRC Panel Report on NOAA data archiving 
(Chris     Fox, NGDC)
* 11:30 : Discussion
* 12:00 : Lunch
* 13:00 : Presentations from CLASS Developers
          o Web Services Interface (Eric Kihn, NGDC)
          o Rich Inventory Metadata (Ted Habermann, NGDC)
          o Release schedule and content (Constantino Cremidis, CLASS)
* 15:00 : Break
* 15:20 : Overview of NPP Data Format, Granule, and Metadata Issues 
(Richard Ullman, NASA-GSFC)
* 16:00 : CLASS Long Term System Architecture and Transition Plan (Doug

Zirkle, CLASS)
* 17:00 : Open discussion / questions.

August 8, 2006
* 8:00 : Continental Breakfast
* 8:30 : NOAA's Next Generation R&D High Performance Computing System 
(Leslie Hart, ESRL-GSD)
* 9:00 : Profile of NPOESS HDF5 (Kim Tomashosky, Raytheon)
* 9:30 : NPP Data Format, Granule, and Metadata Issues with open 
discussion (Robert Rank, CLASS and Richard Ullman, NASA-GSFC)
* 10:15 : Break
* 10:30 : NPP Breakout Sessions: Data Format Issues and Metadata Issues
* 12:00 : Lunch
* 13:00: NPP Breakout Sessions Continued
* 14:00 : Report Back, Open Discussion and Summary
* 15:00 : Adjourn

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