[ESIP-all] Special Cryosphere Session at Fall AGU

ron weaver weaverr at nsidc.org
Thu Aug 10 15:31:42 EDT 2006

Fellow Federation Members:

I'd like you all to be aware of the following session at AGU this December.

We have proposed a Cryosphere Session at the Fall AGU that has a dual 

First and foremost it is for scientists to present results of their 
work, and second to (unofficially) acknowledge the contributions of 
Dr. Roger G. Barry to Cryospheric Science and Data Management.  While 
AGU does not permit sessions in the name of an individual we would 
like those interested to consider submission of a paper that is 
linked to Roger's work, or your collaboration with him.

Please consider submitting an abstract to Cryosphere Section C02 
titled: Progress in Understanding of Atmosphere-Cryosphere 
Interactions in Polar Regions -- The Role of Data Management and Archives.

Climate Observations in Polar Regions have been characterized as the 
'Canary in the Coal Mine' for detection of the onset of climate 
change. The primary reason is that there are a variety of positive 
feedbacks between the atmosphere and the cryosphere that enhance any 
change or variability in the signal. Integration of long time-series 
of climate data with remotely sensed observations of sea ice, snow 
cover, lake and river ice, glaciers and permafrost is critical to 
understanding the processes of these feedbacks. Data Archives, such 
as the National Snow and Ice Data Center in CIRES at the University 
of Colorado, Boulder, under the direction of Dr. Roger Barry since 
its inception 25 years ago, have played pivotal roles in providing 
the required confident, coherent and consistent data sets.

Consult the AGU meeting website 
(<http://www.agu.org/>http://www.agu.org) for details on the session 
and directions for submitting an abstract.

If you have questions, you may contact the organizers of the session:

Ellsworth Frank LeDrew, Dr.
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON, CAN  N2L 3G1
519 8884567
<mailto:ells at watleo.uwaterloo.ca>ells at watleo.uwaterloo.ca

Roger Pulwarty, Dr.
Boulder, co, USA
Roger.Pulwarty at noaa.gov

Ronald Weaver
NSIDC, University of Colorado
<mailto:weaverr at nsidc.colorado.edu>weaverr at nsidc.colorado.edu

Ron Weaver    DAAC Manager    National Snow and Ice Data Center
Campus Box 449, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 80309
(Voice)303-492-7624(Fax)303-492-2468(email)weaverr at nsidc.org
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