[ESIP-all] New Earth Update - always looking for content

Patricia Reiff reiff at rice.edu
Thu Jan 4 19:43:24 EST 2007

We are creating the next version of Earth Update, and want to  
showcase YOUR data or software.

EU has five sections:  atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, geosphere,  
and hydrosphere
We can use images in the "hot" section (hot or controversial topics);  
"topics" section (things that might be in a textbook) and "updating  
images" section (images that are renewed periodically, e.g. hurricane  
tracking charts, earthquake maps, etc.

For new general topics we need a graphic (jpg, png, gif, animgif,  
mpg, quicktime) plus a text metafile describing it (see below). this  
has both a caption, credits, source url and a link to your site for  
more information.   We would especially like world-size or US-size  
images (720x360 pixels lat/long) of sample of your most interesting  
data sets.  If  you have neat software, give us a sample output and a  
way it could be used, and we may feature it.

For updating topics we also need an updating url (this url must be a  
name that doesn't change from day to day, e.g. hurricanelatest.jpg,  
not hurricane010407.jpg).

A few copies of the new 6.0 beta version that allows easy user  
updating of the TOPICS as well as the updating images is out on the  
registration table.  (it does have some known issues, particularly in  
the help and activities files).  If you aren't able to come to the  
meeting or want the next generation beta, just let me know.  The  
great thing about this new version is that if you come up with a new  
topic, we can post it and users can easily download it.

I also have lots of copies of "virtual planetarium"  (a special  
commercial version of Space Update), and a few copies of the DVD of  
our fulldome shows.    Ask me if the table is empty of those.

Also, our e-planetarium dome business is going great, and we now have  
a new product - a mirror system that is great for small fixed domes,  
so if you know of a planetarium that wants to upgrade cheaply, let us  
know.  We can sell shows from many other producers, including  
fulldome music videos, as the late-night crowd at the poster session  
found out.

Great being part of the team!!


here is a sample metafile descriptor:

       /     \     Prof. Patricia H. Reiff
      /        \      Director, Rice Space Institute
    / _^ ^_ \     Rice University MS108, Houston, TX 77251-1892
   / /  O O  \ \     email:  reiff at rice.edu
  /  \    V    /  \     www:  http://space.rice.edu/
/  /  ""R""  \   \
  | \  ""U""  / |    "Why does man want to go to the Moon?
    | _/|\ /|\_ |   .. Why does Rice play Texas?"..JFK, Rice Stadium,  
    /             \

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