[ESIP-all] Call for participation/registration - OPeNDAP Developer meeting

Peter Fox pfox at ucar.edu
Mon Jan 8 14:16:52 EST 2007

CALL for participation and contributions.

Date and location: February 21, 22 and 23 (AM), Boulder, CO
Presentations by the community: Tell others about what you've done.
Presentations by OPeNDAP core developers - hear what's new.
Feedback on structure of this meeting, what would YOU like?
Open Forum: What changes would you like to see OPeNDAP make?
Submit your abstract on the Wiki by Feb 5, 2007 (preference will be  
given to those who submit early). Please include your name, full  
contact information, session area, presentation title (talk/poster/ 
either), areas of interest, and any other relevant details.


We plan to structure each day around a combination of presentations,  
all from people outside OPeNDAP about how the software is being used,  
providing them with a platform to say '...and here's what we wish it  
could do.' and tutorials where we can cover topics like 'How to  
develop a data handler for Server4.' Each tutorial will have an  
electronic draft report that people can review.


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