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John Scialdone jscialdo at ciesin.columbia.edu
Thu Feb 15 12:55:42 EST 2007


Currently, the EIE gateway Search returns GCMD "ESIP Services" Portal 
Search results (SERFs).. Is the plan for EIE gateway Search to return GCMD 
"ESIP" Portal Search results (DIFs)?

You can find the same Services and Datasets via the GOS Search, but these 
results are in ESRI FGDC format.. From the ESIP Metadata breakout 
meetings, I recall this issue being a concern.. Just so users are assured 
they're seeing the SAME dataset or service, but formatted differently, 
I recommend we clarify this somewhere in GOS.. Perhaps we can add a 
button in the GOS Metadata Results "EIE Metadata".. Likewise, I recommend 
we offer users a way to see the FGDC record from the DIF or SERF record 
returned in the EIE Search results..


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On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Rob Raskin wrote:

> ** Announcement of the Earth Information Exchange in Geospatial
> One-Stop **
> The ESIP Federation's Earth Information Exchange is now
> prominently featured on the Geospatial One-Stop (GOS) home page
> < http://geodata.gov >. This has resulted in a striking
> increase in hits to the ESIP home page from ~2,000 to ~26,000
> hits per day. Clearly the ESIP website is getting viewed by a
> new set of eyes.
> GOS features communities organized around themes and special
> interests. Our community in GOS is the Earth Information
> Exchange (EIE). GOS communities provide a forum for
> organizations to showcase datasets, products, services, and
> general information related to the community. Metadata
> published to the GOS repository is used to feature interesting
> datasets related to the community. Featured ESIP datasets will
> be retrieved from the GOS repository and rotated on a regular
> basis to ensure the membership is well represented and the
> content stays fresh. Other types of featured content may
> include maps, services, demos, committee/cluster pages, and
> general ESIP information.
> The GOS portal is the first phase in the development of the
> EIE. Watch for additional features, portals, and components in
> the coming months.
> The next step in the GOS community development process is to
> feature the data holdings of ESIP members. We encourage you to
> visit GOS and search for datasets owned by your organization.
> Then send John Kozimor (GOS Administrator,
> john.kozimor at noaa.gov) an email containing the title and
> document ID of datasets you would like to feature in the
> community.  GOS includes a metadata repository that holds
> almost 125,000 metadata records from more than 1000 providers.
> There are several easy methods for ingesting metadata. Metadata
> can be published via an online form, a single record upload, or
> through the harvesting of a metadata catalog. The harvesting
> option provides an automated method for publishing records
> contained in a metadata catalog. To publish metadata to GOS you
> need to register as a GOS user. Once registered, login to GOS
> and select the My Tools menu option. The My Tools option will
> take you to a page with metadata publishing instructions. This
> page provides tools for registering as a publisher, as well as
> tools and documentation for publishing metadata. If you have
> any questions about this process then feel free to contact John
> Kozimor for support.
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