[ESIP-all] Geoinformatics 2007 Conference - request for abstracts

Rob Raskin raskin at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Mar 5 15:58:06 EST 2007

Geoinformatics 2007 Conference: Data to Knowledge 
May 17 & 18  San Diego, California
Discovery, integration, management and visualization of 
geoscience data with the goal of improving our understanding of 
processes that have shaped the earth and planets over time will 
be highlighted at the Geoinformatics 2007 conference. The 
conference provides a national forum for researchers and 
educators from geoscience, geographic systems and information 
technology/computer science to present new data, data analysis 
or modeling techniques, visualization schemes, or technologies 
as they relate to developing the cyberinfrastructure for the 
Abstracts and registration may be submitted through the 
following website:
The abstract deadline is April 3, 2007.
The Conference is hosted by the California Institute for 
Telecommunications and Information Technology, University of 
California, San Diego.  Sponsors include the Geological Society 
of America (Geoinformatics Division), United States Geological 
Survey, National Science Foundation, California Institute for 
Telecommunications and Technology, San Diego Supercomputer 
Center, and the British Geological Survey.

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