[ESIP-all] Call for Nominations - 2007 Election of Officers and Committee Chairs

Carol B. Meyer carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Sun Jun 3 14:40:22 EDT 2007

Sam Bacharach, Chair of Constitution and Bylaws Committee has asked me
to open nominations for the 2007 election of officers to the ESIP
Federation.  Each year, the ESIP Federation conducts elections of its
officers, committee chairs and vice chairs, ESIP Type Representatives
and Administrative Committee members.  We are at the time of year when
we begin accepting nominations for the following positions which are
elected Federation-wide:
Officers (requires that nominee be a Voting Rep to the Assembly)
*	President*
*	Vice President*
Administrative Committee Positions (requires that nominee be a Voting
Rep to the Assembly)
*	Constitution and Bylaws, Chair
*	Finance and Appropriations, Chair*
*	Partnership, Chair
Standing Committee Positions (does not have to be a Voting Rep to be
*	Commercial Development, Chair
*	Community Engagement, Chair
*	Education, Chair
*	Information Technology and Interoperability, Chair
*	Products and Services, Chair
The current ESIP Type Representatives will be contacting their
respective caucuses soon to begin accepting nominations for the
following positions:
*	ESIP Type Representative* (a Type I, Type II and Type III are
needed).  ESIP Type Representatives must be Voting Reps to the Assembly.
*	ESIP Type Representative from each of the ESIP Types I, II and
III is needed to fill a seat on each of the Administrative Committees
(Constitution and Bylaws; Finance and Appropriations, Partnership)
Note:  This is the first year that the ESIP Type Caucuses are electing
Administrative Committee members and a Type Representative to the
Executive Committee.  Voting Reps will receive 2 ballots this year,
allowing them to choose Federation wide seats and those that are
All Officers, Committee Chairs and Type Representatives serve on the
ESIP Federation Executive Committee. The positions marked with an
asterisk (*) also serve on the Board of the Foundation for Earth
Science.  Each serves a one-year term.  The President and Vice President
must represent different ESIP Types.
All nominations must be seconded and can be submitted to me via email
(carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org).  I will be posting the list of
candidates on the Constitution and Bylaws
_Nominations> wiki page as nominations come in. Nominations will be
accepted through July 2, 2007.  An electronic election will be held in
the days leading up to the summer ESIP Federation and the results will
be announced during the Annual Business Meeting.
For questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Carol Meyer
Carol B. Meyer
Deputy Executive Director
Foundation for Earth Science
877.870.3747 (toll-free)
919.870.7141 (fax)
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