[ESIP-all] Fall AGU Session on GIS in Earth Sciences

Rob Raskin raskin at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Jul 26 00:29:24 EDT 2007

At the Fall AGU in San Francisco, there will be a session on the use  
of GIS in the Earth Sciences.  The deadline for abstract submissions  
is September 6.  The session description is provided below.


IN06:        Embracing GIS in the Earth and Planetary Sciences
Sponsor:         Earth and Space Science Informatics

Description:   Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has a long,  
successful history in static 2-D applications such as urban and  
environmental planning. GIS provides an environment for data  
visualization, overlay of multiple data layers, spatial query for  
specified conditions, data fusion, and spatial statistical analysis,  
far surpassing the capabilities of Google Earth with little or no need  
to write software code.

For GIS to play a significant role in the Earth & Planetary Sciences,  
its software must provide an understanding of concepts such as  
scientific data formats, vertical coordinates, swath data models, time  
series, spherical coordinates, numerical data types, special data  
values, and science interface protocols. This session features  
strategies and results in these areas that bridge the current  
incompatibilities of GIS with the Earth & Planetary Sciences.  
Penetration of GIS into this market will significantly reduce the  
amount of time currently required to acquire, integrate, and  
understand multidimensional, multi-parameter data, with the added  
benefit of making our products accessible to the large existing base  
of GIS users.

Robert Raskin
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
raskin at jpl.nasa.gov

Rajendra Bose
University of Edinburgh
rbose at inf.ed.ac.uk

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