[ESIP-all] Earth Science Informatics journal

Rob Raskin raskin at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 27 15:48:05 EDT 2007

The new Earth Science Informatics journal is now accepting submitted  
articles.  The journal web site http://www.springer.com/12145 includes  
an on-line submission form.

Earth Science Informatics is a rapidly developing, interdisciplinary  
field which is expected to have a significant impact on the  
advancement of the Earth system science by deriving knowledge through  
formal and computational analyses of data and information related to  
the Earth. Analysis and understanding of complex Earth phenomena and  
processes necessitate the integration of field, experimental,  
theoretical, and computation research through information systems.

Earth Science Informatics [ESI] aims at the rapid publication of  
current, cutting-edge, timely, and provocative scientific work in the  
area of informatics science applied to the materials, properties,  
processes, features, and phenomena that occur, at all scales,  
dimensions, and locations, in the Earth system. The quarterly journal  
publishes research, methodology, and software articles, as well as  
editorials, comments, and book and software reviews. Review articles  
of relevant findings, topics, and methodologies are also considered.

Earth Science Informatics will help develop and shape the new fields  
of Earth Science informatics and computational systems Earth science.  
The journal will foster a systems-based approach to solve multi-scale  
Earth science problems by encouraging the development of robust  
computational models and information systems.

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