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I wanted to draw your attention to a just-released solicitation from the National Science Foundation, entitled Sustainable Digital Data Preservation and Access Network Partners (DataNet).  This represents an investment of up to $100M to support increased capability for digital preservation and access. You can access the solicitation at the NSF web site: 

The specific goals of this program are to support the development of a small set of full-scale exemplars of new types of digital data preservation and access organizations that: (1) combine expertise in library and archival sciences, computer, computational, and information sciences, cyberinfrastructure, and domain sciences and engineering; (2) develop models for economic and technological sustainability over multiple decades; (3) engage at the frontiers of science and engineering research and education as an information resource, an object of research, and a research entity; and (4) work cooperatively and in coordination to create a functional data network with revolutionary new capabilities for information access, use, and integration without regard to conventional barriers such as data type and format, discipline or subject area, and time and place.

Lead applicants must be US universities or non-profit research organizations, but partners are allowed from any sector.  Please share this information with anyone you feel may have an interest.
All the best,

								Chris Greer, PhD
Senior Advisor for Digital Data
Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OCI)
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Blvd, Rm 1145
Arlington, VA 22230

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