[ESIP-all] ESIP Federation Network on Facebook

Carol B. Meyer carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Fri Dec 14 17:40:28 EST 2007

The ESIP Federation has its own private network on Facebook.
Participation in this social networking activity is purely voluntary.
We view this as another place where partners can interact, share
information and develop collaborations.  You can provide as little or as
much information about yourself to share with others.  If you would like
to join the ESIP Federation Facebook network, send me an email and I
will set you up with an email alias that allows you to join.  Any
communication through this email alias will be forwarded to the account
from which your request originates.  (If you want it to forward to
another account, please provide that information to me in your request
to join.) If you have questions about this, please feel free to contact
Bruce Caron (bruce at tnms.org) or me.
Hope to make friends with you soon in the ESIP Federation's Facebook
Carol Meyer
Carol B. Meyer
Deputy Executive Director
Foundation for Earth Science
877.870.3747 (toll-free)
919.870.7141 (fax)
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