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Dick Wertz dick.wertz at earthsciencefoundation.org
Wed Jan 16 09:31:21 EST 2008

    In September of 2002, I took on a part-time, short-term consulting assignment aimed at helping a small group of NASA-funded earth observation information providers to move their organization from a prototype entity to a broad-based operational consortium.  Somehow that simple organizing task evolved into a six-year roller-coaster ride that has given me some of the most demanding and satisfying challenges and opportunities of my professional career.  As I watched the ESIP membership, now well over 100 strong, interact with NOAA, NASA and EPA last week during the winter meeting, I couldn't help but think that the objectives of my original contract have been pretty well satisfied.  Given this, the time has come for me to find new windmills to tilt.  I will be resigning from my position as executive director effective January 31st.  At the Board's request, I will be available on a limited basis during for the next few months to ensure a smooth transition.  
    My plan after January 31st is to seek out and involve myself in projects aimed at delivering climate and environmental information to the general public and decision-makers in formats that they can understand and use.  
    On a personal note, even more that the professional experience of the last six years, I have cherished the relationships that I have established within the ESIP community.  You are good people doing the right things in areas of critical importance and you will always have my respect, support and friendship.  I look forward to enjoying your company and working with you again in the future.

With warmest regards, Dick Wertz

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