[ESIP-all] AGU Spring meeting - abstract deadline

Peter Fox pfox at ucar.edu
Mon Mar 10 12:55:37 EDT 2008

Among the Informatics sessions at the upcoming meeting:

Please consider submitting a paper to the Best Practices in Virtual  
Data Systems (Session IN06) at the AGU Joint Assembly to be held in  
Fort Lauderdale during May 27-30, 2008. An abstract of the session  
content is given below:

With the increasing number of individuals and organizations involved  
in Earth systems science research and applications, the variety of  
disciplines, and need for cross-discipline usage of data, there is  
now a significant need to create "virtual data systems" whereby data  
can be exchanged and utilized in a relatively easy and seamless  
manner. There has been some progress towards this goal in the recent  
past. The purpose of this session is to provide an exchange of  
information about the best practices employed in virtual data systems  
and how they will lead into the GEO/GEOSS/eGY eras. Presentations  
will address the emergence of cross-cutting or interdisciplinary  
systems that bring many different data types together.

Contributions are sought from those with experience in "lessons  
learned" from existing or past data system activities and how they  
set the stage for present and future online and distributed data  
systems. Of particular interest will be presentations on the wide  
range of data access and delivery tools available today and how they  

Please see http://www.agu.org/meetings/ja08/ for more details about  
the Joint Assembly.  Please contact one of us listed below if you  
have questions about the session. Deadline for submission: 23:59 UT  
March 11, 2008.

William.Emery at colorado.edu, Ramahampapuram.k.ramapriyan at nasa.gov,  
Eric.A.Kihn at noaa.gov, pfox at ucar.edu

If you wish to submit a paper, but are not a member of AGU and need a  
sponsor number, please let me know. I will be happy to provide mine.

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