[ESIP-all] Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Observations, Analysis, and Forecasting: A Cyberinformatics Forum

Peter Fox pfox at ucar.edu
Tue Apr 8 15:25:33 EDT 2008

Reminder - May 5-7, 2008 at NCAR Center Green Building 1, Boulder, CO  
- please register as soon as possible -

NCAR is hosting this workshop to assist the NSF in considering how it  
might most effectively craft programs to support the creation and use  
of new cyberinfrastructure capabilities to support environmental  
research and education over the next decade. This workshop is  
intended as an initial step in identifying key issues and means of  
addressing them. We do not intend to try and build a consensus for a  
fully defined proposal or plan, but rather to identify opportunities  
through stimulating a constructive dialogue among scientists and  
educators from different environmental communities, and between  
environmental scientists and information scientists and technologists.

Outcome: The product of the workshop will be a white paper that  
examines opportunities for applying cyberinfrastructure in  
environmental research and education, identifies significant issues,  
and provides a roadmap for addressing key questions. The white paper  
will be submitted to NSF, published on the web, and presented at  
future scientific and technical conferences.

Participation in this workshop is open by invitation and submission  
of a position statement (see Registration) and funding support to  
participate is available and is contingent on NSF support eligibility  


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