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============ Extension of abstract submission date ====================
International Workshop Sensing a Changing World
November 19-21, 2008 - Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Website: www.grs.wur.nl/UK/Workshops/scw
Current developments in sensor technology provide increasing opportunities
to analyze human behavior and monitor environmental processes in a changing
world. However, the challenge will be to develop concepts and applications
that can provide timely and on demand knowledge to end-users in different
domains and at a range of scale-levels.
This workshop has the objective to elucidate common concepts for wireless
sensor networks on aspects like data communication, processing,
standardization, knowledge discovery, representation, and visualization. The
workshop results in an overview of the state-of-the art developments and
identification of future research challenges to improve the application of
sensor webs in the environmental sciences domains. The workshop brings
together researchers, technology developers and users of different involved
disciplines and provides a forum for fruitful discussions.
For more information please check the workshop website or folder (enclosed).
Extended date for abstract submission
Deadline for abstract submission: September 8, 2008
Notification of acceptance: before September 15, 2008
Please submit your abstract (300 - 500 words) to: Arend.Ligtenberg at wur.nl or
Lammert.Kooistra at wur.nl.
We are happy to announce that a selection of papers from the workshop will
be published in a special issue of the open-access journal Sensors
If you have any questions please don¹t hesitate to contact us and we hope to
welcome you in Wageningen!
Kind regards,
Lammert Kooistra and Arend Ligtenberg
dr. ir. A. Ligtenberg
Ass. Prof.  Geo-information science
Wageningen University, Centre for Geo-Information
P.O Box 47, 6700 AA, Wageningen
Wageningen Campus, Building 107, Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB, Wageningen
Tel. +31 317 481845 or +31 651419923.
arend.ligtenberg at wur.nl
www.disclaimer-uk.wur.nl <http://www.disclaimer-uk.wur.nl/>



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