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Please see the workshop announcement below from EPA.


Dear Colleagues,
Given your expertise in the field of environmental modeling and
prediction, you are probably well aware of the benefits of integrated
modeling approaches as well as the scientific and technical challenges
that are yet to be addressed.  The issue is not only how do we address
some of these technical challenges related to model interoperability,
but also how do we do so as a modeling community to avoid fragmentation
and duplication of effort.  Your participation in an upcoming workshop
on this topic will pave the way for a more coordinated approach across
the environmental modeling community in the US and internationally.
Please find below the workshop announcement.


     (Embedded image          Collaborative Approaches to Integrated
Modeling:           (Embedded    
     moved to file:             Better Integration for Better Decision
Making           image moved   
to file:     
                                            December 10-12, 2008
                                 JW Marriott Desert Ridge Hotel,
Phoenix, AZ                          
                             At the OEI Environmental Information
Symposium 2008                      

          Workshop Announcement and Invitation to Participate

The US EPA is convening this workshop to establish and initiate a
community of practice for integrated modeling science and technology.

Workshop Goals:
The goals of this workshop are to survey modelers within and outside EPA
   identify  current  and  emerging  practices  and  approaches to model
   integration and interoperability;
   identify and prioritize the technical challenges related to model and
   modeling framework interoperability and determine what is required to
   address these issues; and
   identify  the  existing  groups  and  initiatives  that  are tackling
   similar issues and determine the gaps;
   determine   the  role/  mission  of  the  community  of  practice  on
   integrated environmental modeling science and technology; and
   define initial projects for community participation.

Expected Outcomes:
   The  technical  workshop  discussions  will focus on the wider issues
   related  to  achieving model, as well as framework, interoperability.
   These  discussions  will help define the requirements for model reuse
   and  interoperability  as  well as how standards could be employed to
   achieve interoperability.
   The output from this initial workshop will be a requirements analysis
   that  will  be  widely disseminated throughout the modeling community
   detailing   the  rationale  for  the  community  of  practice  and  a
   preliminary  plan for rolling it out and how it will make progress in
   forging collaboration and reducing fragmentation.

So What?
   Developing  an  infrastructure  to  support  integrated modeling will
   result in the following benefits:
   Better  documentation  and communication of model information through
   model meta-data standards
   Reuse of model components
   Collaborative model development
   Enhanced access to modeling infrastructure tools for integrated model
   Facilitating community knowledge sharing on model application

Workshop Topics:
   Integrated  modeling:   encompasses  a  broad range of approaches and
   configurations of models, data and assessment methods to describe and
   analyze  complex  environmental  problems,  often in a multimedia and
   multidisciplinary manner.
   Interoperability:   is  the  ability  of  diverse  components to work
   together  as  separate  resources, but having enough common ground to
   reliably exchanging messages without error or misunderstanding.
   Community  of practice:  an organizational approach to bring together
   the  modeling community to share tools, information and knowledge and
   to resolve common challenges.

The workshop is open to participants from within and outside EPA who are
interested  in  the  development  and application of integrated modeling
tools  and  systems  to  address  existing  and  emerging  environmental
challenges,  such  as  biofuels  life-cycle  analysis and development of
climate adaptation strategies.

To register for the workshop:


Please also register to attend the OEI Symposium:


For more information, please contact Noha Gaber, gaber.noha at epa.gov .
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