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Raskin, Robert G robert.g.raskin at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Jan 20 13:49:20 EST 2009

The Interagency Forum on Data Preservation, Stewardship, and LifeCycle was held at the end of the recent ESIP Federation Meeting.  Listed below are notes from the Forum.  Follow-up activities will be coordinated through the new ESIP Data Preservation and Stewardship Cluster.  To join the e-mail list for this Cluster, visit: http://lists.deltaforce.net/mailman/listinfo/esip-preserve .  The Cluster wiki page is: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Preservation_and_Stewardship .


Notes from the Jan 8, 2009 Interagency Forum on Data Preservation

An NRC / USGRP report on data preservation was produced with Martha Maiden (NASA) and Tom Karl (NOAA) in 1998, but has received little attention. We should take a new look at it. Data policies for preservation already exist in most or all agencies, but are not always adhered to. The Interagency Working Group on Digital Data (IWGDD) was formed more recently to address data life cycle issues.

How can we communicate the challenges associated with preservation? Preservation tends to get attention only when a disaster/catastrophe occurs and data are not available. More scenarios are needed of recovery (or lack of recovery) to convey needs. Policy makers need to be informed of preservation needs and their importance. Digital library community has been involved with preservation. Agencies (and ESIP) should establish stronger linkages to DL community.

Possible communication mechanisms:
Al Gore's slide show is a good example of a game changer for conveying the seriousness of environmental issues. Could ESIP send a letter to Gore asking him to lobby for us (or come to ESIP meeting)? Professional organizations such as AGU have lobbyists and public outreach mechanisms. The change.gov web site is a forum for suggesting policy changes. An AGU session each year in ESSI and/or Union would help give visibility. An AGU Town Hall Meeting would be helpful.

ESIP follow-up:
1. ESIP formed a Partnership and Sustainability Cluster. Its wiki page is: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Preservation_and_Stewardship .  This site will include agency preservation strategies/policies, community standards (OAIS), and definitions (e.g., "provenance", "levels of service"). Ruth Duerr was nominated to be Chair of this Cluster.
2. The ESIP Summer meeting will have a meeting theme and/or track on Data Preservation and Stewardship.


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