[ESIP-all] Update on Zachary - My Nephew

Dave Jones dave at stormcenter.com
Fri Feb 20 11:05:53 EST 2009

Some of you have not been aware of a tragic development within my family and
this morning is the first opportunity I have had to type on an actual
keyboard. So for those of you who have been "in the loop" from my updates
using my mobile phone, please bear with me for a minute.


My 15 year old nephew, Zachary David Weiland, my wife's brother's son, came
down with the flu on Saturday. Zachary is an active boy and was playing
basketball and running a lot. By Sunday he was admitted to the hospital in
Howard County, MD coughing up blood then immediately flown to Johns Hopkins
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Baltimore. When he arrived, his white blood
cell count was 0 (zero) and he was in cardiac arrest. He is currently on
life support (heart-lung machine and on dialysis) and in a coma. Yesterday
the doctors performed something that has never been done before; they
performed a "plasma freeze" which means that they totally replaced the
plasma/blood in his body with new plasma. This has never been done before
while a patient is on a heart-lung machine and dialysis. The intent was to
regain circulation to Zachary's extremities since his feet and hands have
become a blackish-gray color. The doctors working on Zachary are
world-renown and are doing everything they can. There is very minimal
activity in Zachary's brain and his heart is slowing.


Zachary's parents have made the unimaginable decision  to not replace the
heart-lung machine when it wears out (yes they wear out after 5-7 days and
has to be replaced). I believe that Zachary is already with God but doctors
have to follow procedures and will continue to test Zac's brain activity
until they determine that there is none for something like two consecutive
12 hour periods (I may have the time wrong). 


My wife Denise and I have been playing tag-team to be with Zachary and his
dad during this time. I am heading back right after this e-mail and I just
wanted to THANK YOU for all of your kind e-mails, thoughts and prayers. I
fear we will lose Zac today or tomorrow and he will finally be Home with the


While I don't understand everything that is happening I do appreciate the
support network of all of you and realize that the hard work we all do in
life is really to build up friends that are there during times like these.
It is tough to be strong when my own 15 year old daughter asks how he is
doing and whether or not there is any hope and my 8 year old daughter prays
for Zachary to be with God. 


It is amazing what the flu can do.I had no idea. I haven't had the time to
cry until now and I know that you all are there with a virtual shoulder for
me to lean on and I thank you. Please say a prayer for Zachary, his dad Kirk
and his mom Lisa and his 10 year old sister Hannah that they might find
comfort knowing that God has a much bigger plan for Zac and is carrying out
that plan.


God Bless Zachary David Weiland.





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