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"Collaborative Portals for Science Workflows"
On the emerging "Social Web", millions of people offer their knowledge  
online in a collective knowledge system comprising an active community  
of motivated members posting problems and solutions in blogs, forums,  
mailing lists, collaborative portals and other Web 2.0 technologies. A  
small but growing number of scientists and researchers are beginning  
to harness these Web 2.0 technologies as a transformative way of doing  
science. Since communication is at the heart of science, these  
technologies provide researchers easy mechanisms to critique, suggest,  
and share ideas, data and algorithms. These technologies complement  
formal means of sharing knowledge via conferences and published  
papers, where it is impossible to share all the research details, and  
where negative results are rarely included. At the same time, science  
software developers have embraced Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)  
and Systems of Systems such as GEOSS. Data processing, analysis,  
mining and visualization algorithms are being converted into publicly  
available web services, allowing researchers access to large suites of  
algorithms for data processing and scientific analysis. This model of  
chaining services to create analysis workflows provides the research  
community unprecedented opportunity to collaborate, share workflows  
with one another, reproduce and analyze research results, and leverage  
colleagues' expertise to expedite the process of scientific knowledge  
discovery. In many cases, the output of one workflow can be used as an  
input to others, leading to chained workflows with components shared  
by two or more researchers. This session seeks to bring together  
researchers from across the globe who are developing collaborative  
portals for science workflows, especially for satellite imagery. This  
session will allow these researchers to share their work and expertise  
and to promote this new way of performing science to the entire AGU  

Deadline for Abstracts: March 4, 2009 2359 UT

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