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Apologies for multiple postings...

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Subject: GEO CFP - Earth Obs in Decision Support

Hello, all --

Given your involvement with CEOS, there's an opportunity I'd like to tell you about and perhaps get your help in distributing and notifying others.

Last month, GEO issued a Call for Proposals "Earth Observations in Decision Support."  If you haven't already received notice of this CFP, I'd like to call it to your attention.  The four themes in the CFP are Agriculture, Water, Energy, and Health (including air quality), so I think the communities you're involved with might be especially interested.
The CFP is focused on promoting practical applications of Earth observations to improve decision making, and it seeks to highlight specific examples in which Earth observations provide societal benefit. There's a strong focus on helping developing countries to build capacity with Earth obs.

The CFP also encourages individuals and organizations to identify themselves as potential Advisors to project teams.  These Advisors can share their knowledge and experience with Earth observations, data integration, project management, etc. to support the development and management of a project.  GEO will play a brokering role to match projects with Advisors.  The level of effort of an Advisor varies on the project need and the Advisor's commitment, and a project could have multiple Advisors.

While GEO doesn't have monies to directly fund the projects, GEO does have signficant connections to experts, data providers, donor organizations, etc.  GEO will work with selected projects to connect them with people that can help them develop a project.  GEO will especially work with projects focused on developing countries to match them with donor organizations and Advisors.  All these efforts represent a significant service and benefit to the proposing teams.

So, what can you do?  We would really appreciate your help in distributing information about this CFP to your colleagues, working groups, associations, etc.  Can you send notice of this CFP to the Graz participants, especially all the participants from 2003-2008?

If you know people/organizations in (or working with) developing countries, please send them the materials and encourage them to submit a proposal.  If you know of organizations with successful examples of Earth observations applications, please send the materials to them.  We hope you'll also send the materials to people who would make good Project Advisors (including yourselves) and encourage them to serve as an Advisor.

There are three PDF documents attached to this email:
-- Call for Proposals
-- One-page summary of the CFP  (something to print & hand-out at meetings, workshops, etc.)
-- Summary description of the SBAs (this can help proposal teams know what topics are included under the broad SBA titles)

The GEO Call for Proposals is also available through the GEO Website:
http://www.earthobservations.org/documents/cfp/200902_cfp_eodsp.pdf <http://www.earthobservations.org/documents/cfp/200902_cfp_eodsp.pdf>

Thanks in advance for all your help to advertise this opportunity.

Best regards,
Lawrence & GEO CFP Team

Note: Please forgive any multiple emails on this topic.

Lawrence Friedl
NASA Applied Sciences Program   202-358-1599  phone
Earth Science Division                   202-358-3098  fax
Science Mission Directorate           LFriedl at nasa.gov
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC  20546

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