[ESIP-all] [Spg-announce] Request for Comments: Aura data guidelines experience

Ullman, Richard E. (GSFC-5860) richard.e.ullman at nasa.gov
Thu Jun 4 13:48:46 EDT 2009

NASA Data Systems Stakeholders:

The Earth Science Data Systems Working Group (ESDSWG) for Standards is requesting comments on a technical note describing the development of a common set of file format guidelines for the instruments on NASA's Aura satellite.  The Aura Guidelines specify a set of conventions for creating data files using the HDF-EOS5 standard data format.  This technical note documents the development process, for the purpose of sharing lessons learned with the NASA Earth science community.

If you have interest or experience in developing or using the Aura guidelines or a similar set of file format conventions, we'd like to hear from you. We'd also like to hear from those with experiences in working with a similar profile of any Earth science data system standard.

The Standards Process Group is charged with recommending data systems standards that will enhance interoperation of Earth science data systems within the agency and with partnering organizations. We also publish Technical Notes relevant to Earth Science Data Systems.  An SPG Technical Note is a document that contains important and useful information that is relevant to the domain of NASA Earth Science Data Systems, and does not necessarily describe a "standard," which has additional operational requirements.  In order to assure a high level of technical quality, we conduct public reviews of Technical Notes that have been submitted to us for consideration.  It is absolutely essential that members of communities that may be interested in proposed technical notes provide input in this process.

The technical note "Creating File Format Guidelines:  The Aura Experience" and suggested comment areas for  are attached.  The technical note and a PDF version of the attached comment guidance can also be found here:


Comments should be sent before July 15 to <spg-rfc-018 at lists.nasa.gov>

Thank you

-Richard Ullman (for the SPG)
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