[ESIP-all] Request for abstracts: AGU Session IN14 on Data Fusion

David Arctur darctur at opengeospatial.org
Tue Aug 4 18:42:53 EDT 2009

Dear OGC and ESIP-Fed colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract for the upcoming meeting of the  
American Geophysical Union, San Francisco California, December 14-18,  

Session IN14: Data Fusion: Issues, Barriers and Approaches --
Merging disparate data sources and models for multidisciplinary study  
is an increasingly urgent need. Key drivers for this direction of  
research include requirements for improved situational awareness; the  
vital need for enhanced preparedness and swift, appropriate response  
to natural and manmade disasters; global climate change; and a wide  
range of other societal and environmental circumstances. Technology -  
including standards - for meeting these ends has advanced rapidly, but  
cultural, institutional, and related issues can impede our ability to  
apply it. We welcome submissions that describe successful integrative  
data analyses, with descriptions of specific solutions for overcoming  
barriers and obtaining cooperation and coordination in  
multidisciplinary settings.

Link to AGU Session:

Please submit your paper/poster abstract online by September 3, 2009,  
see details here:

Be sure your AGU membership is started or renewed by August 20  
(details on abstract submission site).

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!
David K Arctur
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
darctur at opengeospatial.org      http://www.opengeospatial.org

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